SSV ION Broadband in Belapur-Review of Plan, Performance and Support

SSV ION Broadband is High-speed broadband provider in Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra). SSV ION also provide services in other cities too and it is one the leading broadband provider in Navi Mumbai.

SSV I-On was established in 2006. The company is registered under name D-VoiS Communications Pvt. Ltd. and it is commonly known as D-VoiS I-On, SSV, SSV I-on and D-Vois SSV. It offers services under brand name I-On.

SSV Ion provide services in various segment such as in Home Broadband, School and University Campus Internet, Wifi internet, Office broadband, Fiberoptic Internet, and Hospitality. It also provides Wi-Fi Internet in airports & Lounges at Delhi and Hyderabad.

In this article, we have done a review of SSV ION Broadband in Belapur (Navi Mumbai). You will find all the detail review of the service in belapur, including SSV Ion plan and pricing, payment method, about the local office support and the SSV local office phone no and customer care number.

SSV ION Broadband Review:Internet Plan and Price

SSV ION offers budget internet packages to the home broadband user and small offices. In Belapur, It offers 3 different data plan packages – Truly Unlimited, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gbps.

The minimum internet speed is 4 Mbps and have data transfer speed up to 1 Gbps.

100 Mbps Package

The 100 Mbps plan gives net speed up to 100 Mbps. The package start from Rs 399 for 40 Gb Monthly data. After consuming monthly data quota, the net speed thereafter will be 1 Mbps. sound good, right?

You will still have access to the internet at 1 Mbps speed even after your high speed data gets over. but if you sharing internet with other power internet user then 1 Mbps speed won’t be sufficient to have good surfing experience.

This plan is good for small offices and individuals that need high speed data transfer internet but use internet for limited and minimum task.

Monthly Data Plan:

40 GBRs 399
100 GBRs 499
200 GBRs 599
300 GBRs 699
600 GBRs 999

3 Months Data Plan:

120 GBRs1159
300 GBRs1450
600 GBRs1740
900 GBRs2030
1800 GBRs2850

6 Months Data Plan

240 GBRs2250
600 GBRs2800
1200 GBRs3400
1800 GBRs3950
3600 GBRs5600

Ion 12 Month Data Plan

480 GBRs3999
1200 GBRs4999
2400 GBRs5999
3600 GBRs6999
7200 GBRs9999

SSV Truly Unlimited Plan Details

SSV Ion Unlimited Data Transfer Plan is ideal for Home user and offices that is looking for unlimited data transfer at certain net speed. Below in the table, is the latest SSV unlimited internet plan list.

4 Mbps₹1200₹2200₹3800
8 Mbps₹450₹1300₹2600₹4300
12 Mbps₹500₹1460₹2880₹4800₹7500
20 Mbps₹600₹1690₹3280₹5600₹8400
35 Mbps₹750₹2180₹4200₹6900₹10500
50 Mbps₹900₹2620₹5070₹8100₹11900
60 Mbps₹1500₹4360₹8460₹14000₹21000
70 Mbps₹2000₹5820₹11300₹18000₹28000

1 Gbps Data Speed Plan Information

SSV ION is yet the only broadband provider in Belapur to offer Internet speed up to 1 Gbps. Check out the table chart for latest plan pricing.

100 GB₹650₹3800₹6200
150 GB₹790₹4700₹7900
300 GB₹990₹5900₹9900

Question & Answer

How good is SSV Ion Internet Speed in Belapur?

SSV I-On in belapur gives best internet speed. I have used them for 4 years while living in Belapur and never had any speed issue. The internet speed is fast and and we get good upload/download speed as per our internet plan.

What is SSV Mode of Payment?

SSV ION in Belapur accepts payment in cash, debit card, credit card, and online. You can also pay through UPI using I-ON application

How good is customer support?

The customer support is fair. You can complain your net issue directly to customer care or to the SSV Belapur local office. sometimes you have to keep calling few times to local office as they are known for ignoring calls but they are good at fixing error and line issues.

Can we upgrade/Downgrade SSV Unlimited Plan?

Yes, If you enrolled for monthly subscription then you can easily change your plan in next month.
However, If you bought the semi annually or yearly package then you have to contact customer care and make a request to change the plan.

How long SSV ION takes to do the installation?

The new connection installation are usually done in 2 days working but it could take few mores day to complete the setup, especially if you sign up for connection on weekend (Sat-Sun).

How to register for new connection?

You can book new connection by calling customer care or you can visit local office to register a new connection.

Are there any installation charges?

Installation is free, if you buy yearly packages or there is Rs500 charge for new installation.

What documents are required for new connection?

You will require to fill the new connection form that will contain your personal details like name, address, e-mail, contact number, etc.
Any Government Id Proof and one passport size photo.

Are there any refund?

No, there is no refund. However, You will get refund only in case they can’t provide new connection line after you paid for it.

SSV ION Belapur Office Address

SSV ION in Belapur have 2 offices. If you living in Palm Beach Road in Sector 11,14,15,19,20 then you should contact to SSV sector 19. For C.B.D Belapur contact Prabhat Center office. Below are the office addresses.

SSV Belapur Sector 19 Office:

Surya Kiran Apartment, Shop no-3, Plot no-21, Sector 19/20, Belapur-400614. It is near to Pizza Hut.

Contact number: +91-9167670217, +91-9167670304

Website link:

SSV C.B.D Belapur Sector-1A Office:

Parbhat Center, shop No- 20/21 (6th Floor), Sector-1A, C.B.D Belapur – 400614, Opposite Belapur Bus Depo.

LOC office contact no: +91- 9167670222

SSV ION Belapur Internet Performance

SSV ION in Belapur have a good high-speed internet with great uptime. They are quick in fixing downtime issues and login errors. however, in monsoon season – You may have to deal with some downtime and unstable net sometimes but that is common issue with almost all broadband providers in India.

If you report net issue to local office, they are quick in fixing it. If I had to rate the support, I would rate 3 out of 5. I gave them “3” because on some occasion they had given me slow response on my complain and i had to wait more than a day to get the net fix. It is not expected from a leading Belapur broadband provider.

Final Verdict:

SSV Ion is belapur (Specially sector-19) has good management staff and they are quick to fix any issue related to net down. However, they are sometimes really slow in answering calls (not appreciated). Internet speed and uptime is good, they are providing good connection through fiber net and gpon router.

If you have used SSV I-on broadband in belapur then please do let us know your experience with them.


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