Aaron broadband Internet Ulwe Review and our Experience with them

Aaron Broadband – a cable internet provider in Ulwe Sector 17. In this post we have shared our review on Aaron cable internet service in Ulwe (Navi Mumbai) and our experience using their service.

Are you looking for Broadband connection in Ulwe sector -17-16 region and thinking of Aaron cable net?

Read our review about Aaron broadband before you make a choice as we have used the services and covered full details about the company.

In this Aaron broadband Cable Internet Review, We have covered the following:

  • About Aaron Internet Ulwe
  • Area of Services
  • Internet Plan
  • Installation time
  • Payment Method
  • Internet Service
  • Office address & customer support
  • our experience with them

About Aaron broadband Internet Ulwe

Aaron registered as Aaron cable Net Pvt Ltd is broadband internet service provider in Ulwe region and the internet line is provided by Den.

Aaron net is also known as Den Aaron. The company offers services in various reason around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Area of Services

In Navi Mumbai, Den Aaron offers its services in location, Vashi and Ulwe.

In Ulwe, the services is available only in limited location. They provide services in sector 17, 16 and 15.

Aaron Broadband Plan

Talking about broadband speed, Aaron net offers speed plan start from 512 Kbps (not worthy speed) till 50 Mbps. The pricing depend on the plan you select. Aaron offers monthly, Quarterly , Semi annually, Annually and 2 years packages.

Compare to other broadband provider in Navi Mumbai region the data plan of Aaron broadband is pretty high. For instance, going for 5 Mbps plan will cost Rs 625 a month whereas other some provider charges around Rs450 for same speed net. Below in the table we have given plan details with price

512 Kbps512 Kbps300800153030004325
1 Mbps1 Mbps350935179035005100
2 Mbps2 Mbps4501200230045006500
4 Mbps4 Mbps6001600307060008650
5 Mbps5 Mbps6251670320062509000
6 Mbps6 Mbps6751800345067509725
10 Mbps10 Mbps72519353700725010450
15 Mbps15 Mbps1000267051001000014400
20 Mbps20 Mbps1380368070501380019850
25 Mbps25 Mbps1500400076601500021600
50 Mbps50 Mbps25006670127702500036000

How long Installation takes time and cost?

The Installation process could take anywhere between 2 days to 7 days in Ulwe location. It took them 3 days to complete the installation.

Please be noted, We have to pay extra for installation, if we buy monthly package or 30 or 90 days package. The minimum installation charges is Rs 500 and we have to pay extra Rs 100 or 200, depending on the length of cable takes to reach apartment/house.

so be prepared to pay extra on top of installation if cable guy ask for it.

Aaron Broadband Mode of Payment

The only payment method Aaron broadband accept is Cash Payment. There is no option to pay through your card or Online.

How good is Aaron Internet speed and Uptime ?

We had taken plan of 5 Mbps and the speed was seems to be pretty fair. We did tested out net speed on Internet speed test site and got the result between 4 Mbps – 4.5 Mbps.

so, we can say based on our experience that speed is fair and get close to the plan we had selected.

However, Uptime is not impressive at all. we had frequent downtime for few hours on random days and someday it was down for half/whole day. We had to phone to Aaron local office in sector 17 for few times but only got excuses and false assurance. All they had to reply that they will check and it will fix in couple of hours.

Aaron Broadband Customer Support

Den Aaron in Ulwe sector 17 customer support is not good and they sure need to look into and approve it. The staff need a training to deal with customer support. Nothing like they misbehave or something, it is just they sound unprofessional.

If your net is down, you have to struggle to get in touch on call or have to personally visit office to lodge net issue complain. They are slow in fixing error and takes long time to fix the net downtime.

If you call for tech support in morning, most probably the Aaron tech guy will show up at your door by noon or evening.

Aaron broadband sector 17 Ulwe Address

The office address of Den Aaron in Ulwe sector 17:

Om Sai Shrushti Building, Plot No 31, Office No-3, Sector 17, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai.

The office is very close to New Daily Mart super market and famous Ramshed Thakur Sport complex. You can use these as landmark to locate the office.

Our Experience with Aaron broadband in Ulwe

It all started on 2nd month, when the same guy from Aaron broadband who had installed our broadband connection showed up at door asking for next month payment. It was already 4th day of a month so we paid the bill and asked for payment receipt as we paid in cash (Aaron broadband payment mode is only cash). The guy replied that he already update our payment in their record and they don’t have any receipt facility. He also added that we will get payment notification on our registered e-mail id with them.

After like 4 days, our net was disconnected and we phoned to Aaron broadband several time in those days but got no help. Finally, we decided to visit the officer in sector 17 and inquiry about the downtime. On check of our connection in their system, they said it is cancelled due to non-payment. We were like, what? but we already paid the bill to the same guy who did the installation.

We were informed that guy left the job and not reporting or answering call. One of the guy from the office asked if we collected any receipt and we replied them what their employee told us while collecting payment. All they did was trying to blame us for not collecting receipt because their employee did fraud.

We questioned, why we won’t believe a guy who is your company employee and is exactly the same guy who did installation and collected installation charges in the first month. They just wanted us to pay again for activating the service. Such a crap and poor services and support by Aaron broadband in Ulwe.

Funny part, After couple of weeks, while I was travelling by room mate called me and informed me that Aaron broadband guy is here asking for payment. My friend handed the call to Aaron guy and I asked him, How we are suppose to pay for the services Aaron didn’t gave us. He said, they activated the services after we had visited the office (that was a lie). I told him, Aaron never activated the services again but was asking for re-payment. Good thing we didn’t file a police complain and we can still do it. It is not customer responsibility if Aaron broadband support guy do any fraudulent activity. It is responsibility of the company. I also informed him that we took another broadband connection and their service is great. All he had to say if we need internet again, they will be happy to provide it.


Aaron broadband in Ulwe is not at all a serious company. They have leased line and running broadband business from a small office in Sector-17 Ulwe. The support team is unprofessional and internet connection often has a downtime for long hours.

If you want broadband in sector-17 Ulwe, do check for other broadband provider such as I-On SSV or any other. Please lets us know your thought on Aaron broadband in Ulwe or do you know any good broadband provider in sector-17.

2 thoughts on “Aaron broadband Internet Ulwe Review and our Experience with them”

  1. I also had the same service which I disconnected after 2 years. The guy which used to come and colect bill cheated us. We were given 10 mbps plan for rs. 600 per month. In fact that was for only rs. 350 per month but the guyvwho used to come and collect money cheated and took rs 250 each month into his own pocket. They are big cheaters.
    Downtime is also correct many a times there is downtime for whole day.

    • Yeah, the irony part is local cable broadband provider in Ulwe such as Aaron broadband do now allow Big provider to do business in their locality. They are known to cut cable wire, corrupt switches, etc. I had subscribed to SSV Ion but they stopped business for same reason.


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