Hari Enterprises Internet, Kopar Khairane- Review and Rating

Hari Enterprises established in 2004 is one of the fast internet provider in Kopar Khairane (Navi Mumbai) with a variety of plans that comes with minimum speed of 15 Mbps and maximum 200 Mbps. Giving user a freedom to choose internet speed plan as per requirement.

If you want a home internet connection in Teentaki, Kopar Khairane then Hari Enterprises could be of interest to you. We have done a full review and given a detail information about this provider, including review, plan and contact information.

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It is very well-known fast speed cable internet provider that is doing business since ages and also, Hari Enterprises is one of the top internet provider in Teentaki. The company is dedicated to give high-speed net solutions to home consumer and to local shop.

However, the service is limited to only Teentaki area and not available in other area of Kopar Khairane.

Hari Enterprises Data Plan

Lets check out plan,

The plan is divided into 3 category – Truly unlimited plan, Dual speed plan, and FUP plan. Each of the plan is designed smartly with name, pricing, data limit and speed to fulfill need of consumer.

We will look into each plan in details, lets begin

Truly unlimited plan

Truly unlimited is good for home user that does a lot of activity on the web and requires unlimited data transfer. This plan is limited with a max 40 Mbps speed that is fair speed for home consumer that does basic internet task like watching media on OTT platform and surfing.

unlimited plan are as follow:

  • You Supernet15- Gives 15 Mbps bandwidth speed and cost Rs561/Month
  • You Supernet25- 25 Mbps speed for Rs 590/Month
  • You Supernet40- 40 Mbps net speed for Rs 649/Month

Dual speed and FUP plan details

Dual speed and FUP plan is very similar. The only difference we see in these plan is pricing and high-speed data limit. For instance, the 200 Mbps plan is available just in Dual speed plan and FUP plan comes only in pack of 90 days. After the consumption of allotted data the net speed will reset to 1 Mbps and for 100 Mbps to 2 Mbps and 5 Mbps to 150/200 Mbps plans.

Dual Speed plan details:

  • You Superjet20 – 20 Mbps speed 200 GB data for Rs 566/ 30 days.
  • You Superjet50 – 50 Mbps 300 GB data for Rs 620/ 30 days.
  • You Superjet75 – 400 GB data with 75 Mbps speed for Rs 679/ 30 days.
  • You Superjet100 – 500 GB data, 100 Mbps speed for Rs 767/ 30 days.
  • You Superjet150 – 800 GB data, 150 Mbps speed for Rs 1061/ 30 days.
  • You Superjet200 – 1000 GD data, 200 Mbps speed for Rs 1179/ 30 days.

FUP plan are packages that is made with double/triple data usage limit with same Dual speed, making it slightly unfit for home user that does lots of web surfing and heavy file transfer on the web.

FUP plan overview:

  • Rs 1575 – 50 Mbps, 1050 GB data usage, 90 days validity.
  • Rs 1725 – 75 Mbps, 1350 GB data usage, 90 days Validity.
  • Rs 1950 – 100 Mbps, 1800 GB data usage, 90 days Validity, 2 Mbps after FUP.
  • Rs 2697 – 150 Mbps, 3000 GB data usage, 90 days Validity, 5 Mbps speed after FUP.

In comparison between Superjet 200 and FUP 150, there is absolutely no doubt that Superjet 200 plan would be more ideal one for streaming on your start TV for good stream experience without compromising performance. You get 1000 GB data for 30 days that means you can spend 33 GB data a day which is enough for average daily internet uses.

The truly unlimited plan price looks little higher in compare to plan of other major provider like SSV Ion. Anyways, If you want to have truly unlimited than supernet40 is good than rest.

Support and Office Contact

Hari Enterprises internet support team are excellent and the staff member are soft spoken with good service. The response time to solve queries and net problem is so far good and we hope they shall continue to offer same level good support to consumer.

Office Address: Hair Enterprises, Plot No.25, Shree Ganesh Chs, sector 19, Vashi Ghansoli Road, Kopar Khairane – 400709, Navi Mumbai.

Support Contact: +91- 9152328674


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