Right Way to Choose the Home broadband Plan and Provider

This post will help you out to find the right way to choose your home broadband plan. No matters in what country you live or at which place you looking for broadband, this article covers some important aspect and points you should consider while subscribing for new home broadband plan.

Internet are playing important role in the world. Be it communication, connecting people to people, information exchange, security or entertainment; everything is available on the web.

Internet is booming sector and many ISP including the local provider came under play with the increase in broadband demand. For instance, in cities in India, you will find many broadband providers at least 5-6 in areas and they give services within certain area/zone. Some even have monopoly and won’t allow other providers to do business in their area, also competitors are know to cut cable and switches wire of each others. In the end, it is consumer who had to suffer due to all those fuss.

that’s why it is important to choose the right broadband provider for better internet experience and here are some tips.

1. Choose the right home broadband speed

Speed is almost everything on the internet, everyone want to transfer/receive files at fast as possible. You sure don’t want to wait for 30 or 60 mins to download a 100 Mb file or watch media with buffers.

In many countries 5-20 Mbps broadband speed are common, the higher your net speed, the faster will be your data transfer.

so, before selecting your broadband speed plan, keep the following points in mind

1.How much net data will you consume daily?

Some broadband provider do have Fair Use Policy – Your internet speed will be lowered after consuming allowed monthly FUP data (depends on packages), some provider mention FUP in fine print. therefore, always check and confirm plan packages.

2. How many people with you will be sharing broadband?

This is import because with each connected devices the broadband speed will get divided. For example, If you sharing your10 Mbps speed plan with 5 user then each one will get 2 Mbps speed while streaming or downloading at same time. However, you can set the speed limit for connected devices through MAC filtering in router. but still, the more connected devices/user you have on your network the slower your speed gonna be.

3. Select the right home broadband type

Home broadband type is also important for speed. for instance, DSL line & satellite internet are slowest one. in cable network broadband, you will be sharing bandwidth speed with other subscribers.

Luckily, These days all broadband providers install dedicated cable line for high speed and many switched to FTTH line (Fiber to the home) which is latest technology that give high speed broadband through optic fiber cable.

If you need fastest broadband speed, go for provider that providing FTTH line.

2. Compare & select the correct plan packages

Always compare the home broadband providers packages and go with one that is offering you high data speed at lowest price but do check their review online and get to know about their services and performance. You don’t want to end up with high speed broadband only on paper, right?. There are providers that promise on paper high speed broadband connect at cheapest rate but their line and speed are unstable and poor.

Things you should do

  • Compare the pricing and speed
  • Read the reviews
  • check broadband types (cable or optic fiber)
  • Before you register, call local office/customer support and check how fast they answer your call.

Truly unlimited broadband plan with 15-20 Mbps speed is good enough for a home with 4/5 internet user that just do basic task on net such like, surfing, listening to audio files and watching stream media. You don’t have to worry about FUP or net speed downgrade in truly unlimited plan. If you want to have an example on truly unlimited right plan then S&S Online broadband in West Bengal and SSV I-On plan in Belapur, Navi Mumbai are few good examples.

Some important factors to consider:

Taste the Water:

Ask broadband provider, if there are any trial offer so that you can check performance before subscriber.If not, then avail the monthly plan that way you can discontinue after a month, in case, you don’t like the plan.

Don’t let the greed hunt you:

Many provider gives attractive discount on yearly packages and on special festival occasion but don’t enroll for it, if you have not subscribed or used their network in past. buying a yearly package won’t be nice idea as most of them have no refund policy or do only partial refund. like I said, taste the water first.

Post Summary:

Always calculate your data speed requirement before opting for broadband. Most of home user are medium size internet user and we don’t really are in need of 100mbps or 1 Gbps broadband speed unless we are into online gaming or want to watch stream in HD or on smart TV.

Go for 50 Mbps or higher in case you are working from home and need to attend video conferencing, etc. For basic home net user speed between 10-30 Mbps is fair enough.

Router plays important role on broadband speed, we have suggested some smart routers based on broadband speed.

I personally have a home broadband of 10 Mbps speed and I share my network with 5 family members. We watch hotstar, zee5.com, amazon prime, etc and didn’t notice any issue with speed. the media plays without any lag even when other people on my broadband watching media online too.

I hope this article on choosing right home broadband connection helped you. Please use the comment box for quires and suggestion to improve this post.

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