How to Reset Forgot Wireless Router Username & Password

Forgot Router Password: Hi guys, are you having trouble fixing on how to reset Forgot Router username password? Then you have come to the right place here I will guide you through some steps that will educate you to learn on how to reset Forgot Router username password?

If you feel like your wireless network admin username and password has been hacked by someone from your neighbor and also been stealing your bandwidth, then you should replace your old username and password with the new one. This kind of situation happens in the case when you have never changed your wireless network router setting which makes the work of hacker easy to hack into your wireless network.

How to Reset Forgot Router Username and Password:


It might be you have forgotten your username and passwords as it was set in your router years ago which has just messed up all your entire router configuration settings. Here is the good for you do not have to worry anything about these problems as I come up with some of the easy steps that will ultimately help you to learn on how to reset Forgot Router username password. Just follow the article till the end which is just simple and easy.

Steps to Fix the Forgot Router Username and Password:

In case if you have totally forgotten the password and username which you have set in your router just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press on the rest button of your wireless device: Press the reset button for at least 10-30 seconds that depends on whichever brand of router you uses. Wait until the router gets reset and will set the router into the default settings. In some router, you need to use a pin or the thumbtack for pressing the reset button.
  • Connect your PC to the router’s Ethernet ports: As you, many of the routers has the web browser which can access the admin page and you should log in for accessing the configuration of the settings of the router. Most of the routers disable the administration through the wireless to make sure that the connection is made through the router and Ethernet cable just before the attempt of accessing the routers page of configuration.
  • Go in the searching bar or address bar of your browser or type the IP address of the router administration interface: Router consists of a non-routable internal IP address like the which is an internal address and it is not accessible through the internet. Check out some of this standard administration interface address which is often used by the wireless router manufacturers. Talk to your specific router’s manual for correcting the address. Below are lists of some default IP address that deal on the researchers and might not be compatible with your router.

Linksys –, Apple-10.0.11 and DLink-

  • Type the default administrator login name mostly enter admin with the default administration password: Search for the default admin name and password specially for your particular router by making sure the website manufacturer doing some Google search as default Admin password with the name of your router brand and the model as well.
  • Click on the page of the Admin from your router configuration page by creating a password: Make sure that you enter a strong password for the admin of your router in case if you have lost your passwords just follow the steps mentioned above. If you did not lose any of your passwords and had no idea on how to replace them then just type the name if the user name of admin and the password as well. This process will give you an access to change the wireless router’s password without resetting the settings of your router.

Final WordsForgot Router Password!

Now you know the steps on how to reset forgot router username and password. I hope this article was helpful to you please share your ideas as well by leaving your comment below in the box. Share this article as much as possible with your friends, co-workers and family as well. Default Settings | How to Connect to a Router with IP? IP: The Internet is an essential word nowadays because without the Internet it seems we are stepping our foot a bit backward in the field of knowledge and web. The Internet is the most necessary thing for everyone.

As the internet is necessary to side by side, we also need to connect to a router through IP because until and unless we connect the router through the Internet Proxy the internet link will not be accessible what we need.

How to Connect to a Router Address?


Now we will be knowing what Internet Proxy is all about and its procedure to gets connected to a Router.

What is all about? is a private IP address (IPv4 address) that is used by Netgear broadband routers and a variety of other brand services. Devices like a computer can use IP address across different networks. However, only one device on the network can use the IP address.

The Netgear broadband internet routers primarily use this Internet Proxy address.

Ways to Configure a Router to

Having a broadband router of as your IP address, you can access your network configuration software or administration interface by visiting in order to repair or fix common issues shown below or arrange modem and router settings for wired and wireless networks.


  • The router fails and is unresponsive to connections via the internet browser.
  • The router is set up to utilize a different address than such as
  • The computer and its browser failed to join the network

How to Connect to a Router through

If you are having any problem in connecting your router to IP address then you need to have a look at the suggestion lines below:

  1. On Windows desktop, press in the right-click on the Network icon (in the Start menu) and choose Properties.
  2. Secondly, select to View Status of your LAN connection.
  3. Select the Properties, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4), and then click the Properties button. You can choose to obtain an IP address automatically, or you can assign a unique IP address.
  4. Then leave the Subnet mask at and type in for the Default gateway.

Note: In case if you are having issues like your routers IP  address may have changed, or the routers default IP address could be something other than then see below.

Address of IP changed on Router

If you are having doubt that the IP address that your router uses has changed .or may use a different IP address then check the routers manual or official website or you may use the instructions below to view the address listed as default gateway or manually troubleshoot existing settings by resetting them completely.

Ways or finding router’s IP address

  1. Visit your Networks settings, by searching for “Network” on a Windows 8 Tile Screen or Windows Start Menu search bar.
  2. Right, click your routers icon it also can be identified by the brand and model and select Properties.
  3. A new window will appear. Navigate to the Network Device tab. In this tab, you will be able to view your IP address in the Troubleshooting Information section.

The Troubleshooting (Resetting Router Settings)

  1. On the Windows desktop, open the command line by navigating to Windows Start Menu and selecting Run.
  1. Then Type IP config and press Enter. You will be able to view your router’s IP address as the Default Gateway. You also can visit the address listed as the “Default Gateway” by using your internet browser to get your router’s Web interface.net3
  2. Reset your router by firmly pressing the reset button, and you should keep the button pressed for about 30 seconds while powered on until it restarts. And you may also choose to unplug your router.
  3. Nextly, turn the router back on, and it will cause your router to reset the IP address as well as all other settings.

So the problem, as well as its fixing issues of how to connect a router through, has been shown above. After having a look at the various issues regarding the router and the IP that has been resolved, you will not have any problem while connecting a router through It seems these are finest ways to get access to the internet. Troubleshooting | How to Fix 192.168.o.1 IP Problems? IP Problems: Internet protocol is a protocol by which data is sent through the internet from one computer to another.  The IP address of one computer is different from another computer on the internet. IP address gives unique identities to different computers on the internet. So IP address is one of the most integral parts of a computer so that you can work on the internet.

There are various problems related to IP address such as sometimes your computer shows an error message, and you are unable to connect to the internet. Due to the same IP address of devices on the same network causes network conflict, which stops one device to connect to the internet. There is a range defined for private IPs, which is from – work will be hampered if you cannot connect to the internet.

How to Fix IP Troubleshooting Problems?


So in this article, I am going to show you how to fix this problem with IP address and get connected to the Internet.


The IP address is a private IP address, and it is used by various brands such as Netgear broadband routers and D-link routers. Different type of computers can use this IP address across different networks. But only one computer of a particular network can use this IP address.

If more than one device of the same network uses this IP address of, then IP conflict happens. And may be one of these devices will be unable to connect to the internet. However, this IP address can be used in two different. And there are some problems regarding this IP address connection to the internet. So below I am going to show you how to fix this IP address.

How to Configure a Router to

You will be able to access your network‘s configuration administration interface by visiting so that you can be able to repair common issues. Below is the list to change or arrange modem or router settings with wired and wifi networks.

  • The device has failed to connect via the internet browser.
  • The device is set up to use another address than like
  • The computer fails to connect to the network.fix

Unable to connect to

Sometimes when you are unable to connect your device to the then below are the list of ways you can do to solve your problem:-

  • First, go to the start menu on your Windows computer and right-click on the network icon and select properties.
  • Then select the view status of your LAN connection.
  • Then you will select properties, then click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4), now click on
  • From there you can automatically choose to get IP address, or you can give a new IP address.
  • You could leave the subnet mask at and type in for connecting to the default gateway.

How to Troubleshoot IP

  • On your Windows computer, go to start menu first the search for Run and select run.
  • On the run there you will find an open option, type “IP config” there and press enter, then you will be able to view your device’s IP address as the default gateway. Then you could go to the address list as the default Gateway using your browser to open your router’s web interface.
  • After that press the reset button on your device and keep the button pressed for about 30 – 35 seconds until it restarts. You can also unplug your router to shut down it and plug it to open it again.
  • After this turn on your device. This will make your router to reset the Ip address and other settings to their default position. IP Troubleshooting – Conclusion:

IP address is one of the most important parts of the computer. It helps it to connect to the internet. But sometimes some problem arises due to network conflict, and you are unable to connect your device to the Internet. Due to this, you will face problem to work on the internet. Above written are the easiest ways to fix your IP address problem so that you can work smoothly and can fix whenever needed. Comment below to add anything you want to mention regarding the above-written article.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address? – Check Here!

Router’s IP address is actually a Default Gateway in your Network connection, the web-based setup page of your routers enables you to change different setting including your Wi-Fi networks and its password as well as viewing information, where you would require your router ID to access it.

How to Find My Wireless Router IP Address? – Guide!


In reality, your router will have double dissimilar ID addresses; one is the Local Area Network whereas the other is the Wide Area Network. Local Area Network (LAN) is the network that is used on your internal network, and Wide Area Network (WAN) is the network which is being used for the connection of Optimum Online.

Steps to Find your Router’s IP Addresses on Windows PC?

Being router’s IP the ‘’ Default Gateway’’ of your internet connection, you can use the IP config command in a command prompt windows for finding the IP addresses on your Windows PC, or else you can choose to go with the graphical way for finding it.

Steps for finding Windows Router’s IP Addresses

  • At the starting point go for opening the control panel of your Windows 10 or else 8.1
  • For opening the control panel of your Windows PC, just click on the right click on the start button and do select the ‘’Control Panel’’ of your Windows.
  • At this region, click on the network and the internet, viewing the status and task.
  • Now you will require clicking on the name of your connection which is situated at the top corner of the page.
  • So click on the button of ‘’Details’’ which appear on the window, from there look for the the router’s IP addresses which are situated to the right of ‘’IPv4 Default Gateway.

Steps to Find Router’s IP Addresses on iPad and iPhone

  • To find the Routers IP Addresses on IPad and IPod one will have to open the ‘’setting’’ app first.
  • From there you would have to tap on the Wi-Fi and the name of the network of your Wifi which you are using.
  • So if you had done within the following steps, then you will observe the router’s ID appearing to the right of the router.

Steps for Mac OS X users for finding their Router’s IP Addresses

  • Firstly the Mac users should click on the menu of Apple where the bar is situated on the top of the screen.
  • After clicking on the menu of Apple, select the system preferences and do click on the icon of ‘’Network’’.
  • Now simply choose the network connection of your and go by clicking on the ‘’Advance button which is placed on the bottom of the screen.
  • At this region click on the ‘’TCP/IP’’ tab.
  • So as you had gone through all of these steps now, you will able to observe the router’s IP addresses of yours on the right of the routers.


So these are the steps and method which you need to go through to find your router’s IP addresses, following the steps and method you would able to find the routers IP addresses on Windows PC, IPad, iPhone as well as using the Mac OS X device. So if you like to find the Router IP addresses using any of these devices, you can certainly go through the steps written within the article. © 2016 IP Login