Review of a Movie that Shows Negative Impact of Mobile Tower on Birds

We all know about cellular phone towers radiation and its bad impact on us. In fact, there are some government laws for the installation of cell phone towers in almost every countries.

The cellular phone tower radiation not only impact human but also to birds.

This post is a review of a Bollywood sci-fi robotic movie 2.0. The concept of movie is to show the impact of cell phone tower radiation on birds and a role of birds in our eco-system.

We are in tech era, internet and smart phone became part of our life. We are slowly moving to Robotic era, already using robotic machine in manufacturing industries and many household robotic gadget is available in market.

On the other hand, our ignorance towards nature is changing our eco-system. The 2.0 movie is an attempt to bring awareness in us for nature and bird species.

Robot 2.0 review:

Robot 2.0 is a Tamil 3D Sci-Fi movie. It is a spiritual sequel to the 2010 Bollywood movie Robot. It is one of the most expensive made bollywood movie with a budget of around 545 crores.

The movie successfully created a lot of buzz before release because first sequel was major hit and people were eagerly waiting for Robot 2.0 but when movie trailer was released people had mixed opinions about the movie, some made fun of the trailer and some really liked it. However, people were more than happy after watching the movie. They were amazed by the special effects and movie subject.

I personally wasn’t impressed by the 2.0 movie trailer but I had no doubt on the movie director S. Shankar whos vision is always out of the box so I had a feeling that this movie not gonna disappoint me and that came out to be true!

I urge you to watch this movie only in 3D mode to enjoy it with special effects.

About the Movie title 2.0:

The title of the movie was taken from the first sequel Robot. In the first part it was shown that Robot was infected by malfunction and it was re-programmed and upgraded to version 2.0 that is from where this sequel got the title. Please note it is spiritual sequel of Robot movie which means it do not follow the story of first part.

Main Cast & Role:

Rajnikant & Akshay Kumar are in the lead roles. Rajnikant playing 3 roles in the movie including Robot’s role and Akshay Kumar played a negative role in this movie. The Akshay Kumar role actually start after the interval.


The story starts with a scene of a man standing on a mobile tower and hundreds of birds are flying around him and in a later scene of the market place, it shows that all phones get vanished and start flying displaying image of birds on phone screen after that all phone combined transform into a shape of a giant bird. People get panic and rush for safety,

Later, chief minister calls Dr. Vashikaran and request him to re-activate Chitti (Robot) and Chitti starts chasing that giant bird. Dr Vashikaran with the help of Chitti find out that giant bird is not an allien or robot but it is made of negative enegry of human.

After some investigation they come to know reason & story behind that giant bird.

Akshay Kumar is playing the role of a giant bird. He was an ornithologist and devoted his life to the bird’s care but the rapid growth of mobile towers in the world and the radiation from it was causing a serious impact on the bird’s health. Mobile companies for bigger profit was ignoring set law’s and kept mobile towers frequency at high level causing high radiation that was effecting bird’s brain and health.

Dr. Vashikaran activates highly advanced and smart robot 2.0 to fight with gaint bird.

The VFX effects of this movie are similar to what we see in Marvel’s movies. The background music and sound effects are good and the best thing about this movie is that it is straight to the subject. There is no unwanted scene or comedy scene. The movie starts directly to the point.

Do tell me your opinion about 2.0 in comment box. I really liked the concept and subject of this movie.

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