The Return of Abhimanyu Review – A Cyber Security Movie Everyone Must Watch

The return of Abhimanyu is a Hindi dubbed movie name for a Tamil movie Irumbu Thirai. Released in 2018 this movie is available in 2 languages Hindi dubbed & Tamil.

We all know the internet is getting part of our life, from sending-receiving e-mails, news, social media, ordering products on e-commerce sites to online net banking. Indeed, Internet-connected the world. You can quickly send or get info from other parts of the world from one corner.

But there is a dark side of the internet too, bad guys always looking to steal data and rob cash through net banking and they do all this through the help of technologies. Most of us already heard some horrible news of data & online banking theft.

This movie is based on cybersecurity subject and also give you a lesson – why not to be careless on the Internet.

Story Line :

The story of this movie is pretty unique. The movie actually starts with Vishan an army officer & his dad trying to get a loan from a bank for his sis marriage. They both go from a bank to bank asking for a loan but to no avail. Bankers give them some excuses for not granting a loan.

Outside the bank they get approached by this man who offers them a help to get a loan from the bank. Vishal refuses the offer but his dad agrees to that man. at last, with the help of that man they get a loan from the bank but when they go to withdraw the loan amount from bank, they get surprised that their account has 0 balance and someone already did wire transfer through hacking his dad phone.

Vishal always find out that there are many people that are victims and he decides to investigate and catch the person that is behind it.


The movie shows the reality and risk of the internet that will tell you how technologies like mobile phones, pen drives, or dead hard drives, computers, can be used to get personal data about you. Also, it shows how scams are conducted through a various methods such as filling the form to win a prize, how some stationary shops steal xerox copies of your documents, and sells it. how plane boarding pass which we usually throw in dustbin could be used to get our information, etc.

This movie tried to show real facts due to that it faced so much issue to get a certificate from the Movie sensor board. Many scene were cut from the movie as Movie board thought that it will demotivate people to go digital.

The scene and methods shown in the movie is very real and you won’t find it anything extra-ordinary in the scene.

I believe every person should watch this tech movie to get educated and stay alert before sharing our personal data anywhere. Let me know your point on this movie in the comment section.

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