Fivenet Broadband Fibernet in MadhyaPradesh-Review, Plan details and Information

Fivenet broadband is leading broadband provider in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh (MP) states in India. They also provides services in other states too through their channel partners. For instance, in 2011 SSV broadband in Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) was a channel partner of Fivenet. In other words, SSV broadband used to offer connection,support, net packages, etc but the internet line was provided by Fivenet.

In Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, Fivenet operates directly and if you get any issues with your broadband connection then you can call to their customer care. In case of leased line, You have to register your complain with the local operator from where you took the broadband.

This post is review about the Fivenet broadband in Madhya Pradesh. Also, find out about the Fivenet broadband plan in MP, area of availability, customer care number, support e-mail.

About Fivenet

It is Pvt. Ltd. company and one the leading fast speed broadband provider in India. It is into business more than decade and known to provide home broadband, fibernet connection, wifi connection, office broadband.

They are one of the top leading fast speed broadband in Madhya Pradesh (MP) and Punjab. With 24 hours 7 days support, It offers high speed internet to home, corporate, shops, and dedicated leased line.

Fivenet Area of Services in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh it is available in 29 cities. Below in the table list we have given the information about the cities where fivenet broadband is available. Please note that in some location connection is available through LCO.

List is in Alphabetic order – From Left to right.


If you are from any of the above mentioned cities then you can easily subscribe to Fivenet broadband connection.

Broadband Plan and Speed

There is absolutely no doubt on the Fivenet broadband speed. They deliver great internet speed through their latest FTTH technologies. The internet speed packages are 10 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps.

And in Bhopal, Fivenet is offering unlimited plan of 40 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps and 100 Mbps through fibernet line.

Talking about the plan package cost- well, it depends on the city and locality. At some place fivenet broadband is available through local operators and they add their services charges in the packages. However, there is not much difference in the pricing.

Fivenet Janki Nagar Jabalpur Plan details

Below is the 1 month Unlimited plan and 3 Months FUP Plan details in Jabalpur (janki Nagar)

Speed uptoDataMonthly3 Months
10 MbpsUnlimited599Not Available
20 MbpsUnlimited799Not Available
25 Mbps1 TB FUPNot Available1500
30 MbpsUnlimited/ 1TB for 3 month10991800
50 Mbps1 TBNot Available2500

FUP – Fair use policy.

25 MPbps – 1 TB data – After 1 TB, you net speed will be upto 1 Mbps

30 Mbps – After FUP, upto 2 Mbps will be your internet speed.

50 Mbps – upto 5 Mbps after FUP.

Indore A.B Road Broadband Plan Details

Fivenet Broadband plan for home user in Indore are 2 types – FUP & Unlimited monthly plan on 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps. Look into the given chart to know the plan details

1 Month and 3 Months FUP Plan Price in Indore

Per Month
30 Mbps50 GB2Mbps5901,170
30 Mbps100 GB5Mbps7072,005
30 Mbps150 GB5Mbps8252,358
30 Mbps200 GB5Mbps9452,715
30 Mbps250 GB5Mbps1,0603,065
30 Mbps300 GB5Mbps1,1803,360
30 Mbps400 GB5Mbps1,2953,715
30 Mbps500 GB5Mbps1,4144,010
50 Mbps150 GB1 Mbps2,655
50 Mbps200 GB2 Mbps2,830
100 Mbps300 GB3 Mbps3,007
100 Mbps400 GB3 Mbps3,185
100 Mbps600 GB3 Mbps3,535

6 and 12 Months FUP Plan Price

Per Month
30 Mbps50 GB2Mbps3,4205,900
30 Mbps100 GB5Mbps4,0107,080
30 Mbps150 GB5Mbps4,6008,260
30 Mbps200 GB5Mbps5,3109,440
30 Mbps250 GB5Mbps5,90010,620
30 Mbps300 GB5Mbps6,49011,800
30 Mbps400 GB5Mbps7,08012,980
30 Mbps500 GB5Mbps7,66814,158
50 Mbps150 GB1 Mbps5,1309,735
50 Mbps200 GB2 Mbps5,42510,380
100 Mbps300 GB3 Mbps5,83911,030
100 Mbps400 GB3 Mbps6,25211,680
100 Mbps600 GB3 Mbps6,84012,980

There is no activation and installation charges if you go for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 month package.

Unlimited Plan Details

Unlimited monthly data plan in Indore (A.B Road) is only available in 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps speed.

The 10 Mbps unlimited data price is Rs 707 and 50 Mbps is for Rs 800 monthly.

Fivernet broadband in MP – Customer Care no and Address

Fivernet customer care support is available 24/7. find out support number and e-mail address below.

To book new home broadband connection call on: 8821015555

Customer Care no:

  • +91-9522-221-636
  • +91-9522-221-646

Bhopal customer care no: 088210 15555 (9:30 AM – 6:30 PM)

Bhopal customer support e-mail:

Jabalpur – Janki Nagarsupport tel:+91-91091-02047

Madhya Pradesh Office Address: Fivenet Pvt. Ltd, UG – 22 to 25 BCM Heights, A – 5, UG – 4 Scheme No – 54, Indore city, Madhya Pradesh, Pincode – 452001.

Frequently Asked Question

What mode of payment is available?

Various mode of payment option is available. You can renew your plan by logging into Fivenet customer portal and pay through using any one of the given option in payment list.
You can also avail to pay by cash.

Is Fivenet broadband really give fast speed ?

Fivernet uses FTTH and Optic fiber to deliver high speed net. The speed of the broadband is super fast. However, the support and uptime depends on the Fivenet local service provider.

How good is Fivenet uptime?

There is no straight answer for this and it depends on the local service provider, If they are maintaining switches and line in good standard then you won’t have any issues.
I must inform that in some areas/locality the local service provider of Fivenet is really poor.

Which Plan I should go with ?

This depends on your requirement but do go with monthly plan (Just to taste the water). If you are comfortable that fivenet local provider offering good service then you can opt for 3 or more months package.

How do I login to my Fivenet account?

You can login to your Fivenet customer account by visiting portal link
For Login use your fivenet user id & password.


Fivenet broadband data speed is super nice but they need to work and train their local service provider because in many locality the service is really poor with frequent downtime. Also, the data plan price is higher than many other broadband. It would be great if they cut the data price and offers more unlimited plan packages after affordable price.

Drop me in comment box, your opinion and experience with Fivenet broadband in Madhya Pradesh.

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