Setup broadband in rented flat in India- Is it easy?

Looking to setup broadband in a rented flat and are you wondering if you require any special permission from the flat owner or building society?

Broadband is booming sector in India and it is no more same like 10 years ago where you had to struggle to find the providers. Nowadays; be it major cities or small town, you will find many broadband providers in every locality.

It is not an issue to get the broadband in the house you or your parents own but the case is different when you want to setup broadband connection in a rented home/flat.

In this post we have wrote how one could setup broadband in rented flat and the things you should keep in mind before setting up broadband.

Not everyone can afford a house and many of us lives in a rented flat that are close by to our work place or school. There are people who moves to other cities for job or got admission in some university and they lease a flat for living.

Internet became part of our life and we use it for day to day needs but installing broadband on rented flat is not as easy as 1-2-3, you will need permission from flat owner before you do the installation.

Why you need permission from flat owner for broadband setup?

The answer is simple, the property is owned by the flat owner and you just rented it for a time period. You don’t own the property and you need prior permission from the owner before you could do any drilling on the wall.

As you know, the broadband setup will have some drilling hole in wall to bring the broadband cable line inside flat and you got to ask from the owner before you do any hole in the wall.

There are chances that flat owner don’t want the tenant to do any drill work on the wall and as he is the actual owner of the property, he has the right to charge you for the damage or take legal action demanding compensation from you.

so, that why it is always good to seek prior permission from the property owner before you do the broadband setup installation.

Most of the property owner will allow you for drilling hole if there is already no hole, just be humble and request politely.

and if there is already hole in the wall, consider using it to get the broadband line inside flat. No body wants to have too many holes on their wall and you should respect their concern and use the existing wall hole. The broadband cable are thin, you won’t need big size hole to pass it through.

Requirement to setup broadband in rented flat

Broadband providers won’t need any special or written permission from the flat owner, that’s not their concern (at least not in India) but they do will need documents like Rent agreement, Aadhaar card, Passport size photo and you have to fill their registration form which will include your home town address and rented flat address.

If you are taking services from local broadband provider, some of them may ask you for security deposit. In case, they are offering you free-to-use router along with their broadband plan then they will take a router security deposit from you as you living on rented flat.

Why would broadband will take security deposit for router ? Since, you are living in rented flat you might end the rent agreement anytime and leave flat without informing the broadband provider that will make them to lose their equipment that they gave only for use as long as you have active broadband with them.

It is better to buy and have your own router for broadband as you will need it again for broadband when you move to other place. You can read this post on the given link that suggest some good router as per your broadband speed.

Post Summary:

Getting and setting up broadband connection on rented flat in India is not a hard to do the task and almost every broadband provider would love to give you service but do take your house owner concern before setup to avoid any unwanted fuss.

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