Ping IP – Check Your Internet Network Status

Ping IP is an easy way to figure out the latency between network or computers, Using a ping IP test you can check the response delay time of a host, the time it takes to send and receive packets, and also if a host or a website is reachable/responding or not.

what is latency in ping IP?

Latency is the ping response time between devices, the amount of time it takes to get a response. for instance, You send data from point A to point B and get a response in 1 second, the latency is 1 sec between point A and B which is the delay time to receive packets.

No matters, how fast host from point A sends packets to point B, Point A will receive a response after 1 sec from point B as the delay between packets(Latency) is 1 sec.

For instance, In Online gaming, you want latency to be as slow as possible for a better gaming experience. If latency is high you will issue while playing online games, streaming live video, or webinar.

Below, we have covered a few methods to Ping IP:

  1. Ping to check internet connection
  2. How to Ping default gateway IP to check the network
  3. How to ping the website

How to Ping to Check Internet Connection?

Ping to check your internet connection and its stability. Below we have given a step-by-step guide to ping to check the internet in Windows:

  1. Click start menu -> write “cmd” in search box -> press Enter or OK.
  2. In CMD black box -> type ping “domain name” (for example ping or ping Enter
  3. Note: You must give space between ping and domain name.
  4. You will see the ping test result and in the same way, you can ping 2 or 3 more websites for test purposes.
  5. If you keep getting “Request time out” that means there is some problem with your internet connection.

Follow this, To test the Internet connection stability:

Ping the website and in the end put “-t”.  For instance, ping -t. this will keep pining the website and you can check if a ping reply is stable or getting request time out after a few replies. If you getting request time out after a few reply than there are some interference in your network

To check your unstable internet, you can check your network connection by pining default gateway IP, Here is how you do:

Check Network Connection Using Default Gateway IP

In this guide, we will use my default gateway IP address  to test network connection.

  1.  Open command prompt
  2. Type “default gateway IP -t”, in my case it is “ -t” and hit “Enter”. Make sure you type your router default gateway IP address. gateway ping

Like in the picture above, the router/network is working fine as we received all packet’s response.

ping ip address

As you can see in the screenshot above, we got request time out which means all packets were lost this says that there are network/router issues.

How to ping test the website?

Ping test the website is used to check if a website host is reachable or not. You can perform a website ping test to check the health status of a website if its up or down. Finding the website IP address can be done through a ping test.

In the Ping test website, we ping a domain name and the IP address of the domain is not required to perform website ping.

Follow the given below steps to ping test website:

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Type “Ping domain name” and hit the enter button.

Note: Website ping test is done without “Https or Http”. The correct format to ping domain is: ping “domain name” or ping “”.

For example, type “ping or” to ping google.

Below is the screenshot of the ping test result.

ping website
ping to test website
  • If all packets sent and received (no packets lost) as shown in the above picture that is a sign of good connection.
  • If Reply from (some packets received) and request time out (some packets lost), says; there are some network issues.
  • All packets lost (Only request time out) state that there is no connection between the computer and the router. You have to check router lights and also if there is any downtime from your ISP.
  • -t: Specifies the time to live (TTL) of packets to send and it keeps pinging the website until stops. In the below image; we had ping google address with “-t” command.
google ip address to ping
ping -t

The number you see in the bracket next to the domain (2404:6800:4009:800:200e) is IPv6 address of the domain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Ping stands for ? what is the long-form of Ping?

Ping stands for Packet Internet Gopher.

What is Ping used for?

Ping is a tool to check network issues and troubleshoot. Ping command is used to find network details like IP address, gateway IP, subnet mask, website IP, etc. It is also used to check the communication issues between 2 or more devices.

How to find my IP address with ping command?

It is simple and quick to find IP. In a command prompt, type “ipconfig” and hit enter that will show your IPv6 and IPv4 address.

Which are the ping command I can use?

You can perform below-given ping command:

  1. ipconfig                                         —Show Information.
  2. ipconfig /all                                 —Show detailed Information.
  3. ipconfig /renew                          — Renew all adapters.
  4. ipconfig /release *con*             — Release all matching connections.
  5. ipconfig /allcompartments      —Show information of all compartments.
  6. ipconfig /allcompartments /all—Show detailed information of all compartments.
  7. exit  — to close command prompt.

Given-above are some ping command you can use to test your network.

I get a reply from the website ping test but can’t open same website in the browser?

If ping website test gave a positive result and no connection “timeout” then do the below steps:

1. Try clearing your browsing history including cache files and cookies.

2. Disconnect and Connect again your internet.

This should solve your issue. If that doesn’t work, check if you could open the website in a different browser like google chrome or Mozilla firefox.

Wrapping up, I hope with this post you figured out how you can do ping IP test and troubleshoot your internet connection. Please use the comment box for any queries.

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