PLDT Home Fiber – Change WiFi Name (SSID) & Password – Detail Guide

Change PLDT home fibr wifi name & password to secure your wifi network. Most of the user keeps a default SSID name and password which is commonly available on the internet. So, it is not hard for an intruder to connect to your wifi network and access the internet without your concern.

You should change your PLDT fiber default SSID name (WiFi name) and password details to keep the intruder and strangers away from accessing your home wifi internet.

This step-by-step guide is to change Pldt home fiber wifi name and password.

How to Change PLDT Home Fibr WiFi (SSID) name and password

1. Make sure your computer or phone is connected to Wifi router

2. Open your default internet browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari) and type or, to open PLDT home fibr Admin panel page.

3. Type default login details, Username: Admin and Password: 1234, If you had already changed the default login details then use your login credentials. In case, you didn’t change it and the given login details don’t work then try to check in the bottom panel of router (default router admin details usually mentioned there)

change pldt home fiber password
pldt wifi login

If your browser shows security risk warning: Your connection is not private. Just click on Proceed to link

4. After login, the account management page will appear and from there change your username & password.

pldt fibr wifi password change
Pldt wifi name and password

You will see a page as shown in above screenshot image. There you can do Pldt home wifi settings such as:

  • Account Management : This is where you change your router username & password. You will need these details to login router admin page.
  • 2.4G SSID1 : You can change your 2.4 G wifi name and password
  • 5G SSID1 : Here you can change 5G band wifi name and Password.

Type the wifi name you want to keep in the SSID box. I will recommend to keep the 2.4G & 5G login details the same to avoid confusion.

Also, remember the PLDT password should be minimum of 12-32 characters long and must contain numbers and symbols. For example “Smile@your_face”

Note down your password and keep it somewhere safe for a quick check when needed.

Change Pldt WiFi Password Using Phone

You can change pldt wifi password using smart phone such as android and iPhone, Follow the below steps

  1. Connect your phone to your Pldt WiFi
  2. Now, open web browser (chrome,firefox) in phone
  3. In address bar type, in case, it doesn’t work then try
  4. Router admin page will load up. Type default Username: Admin Password: 1234
  5. You have successfully logged in. You can change username and password of wifi under account management page.
pldt Home Fibr Password, change wifi name and admin password.

I can’t access PLDT Fibr

Follow this method to access PLDT fiber admin page:

  • Clear your browser caches, history, and cookies
  • Flush DNS cache – Start-> open command prompt or type “cmd” in search box -> type “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit “enter” button
  • Make sure you are writing router IP without “https” or “www” in your browser, simply type and hit the “enter” button and If it doesn’t work then it is not your router/modem IP address. Try or
  • Or Open Command Prompt and type “ipconfig”, You will find your router default gateway IP address under “Default Gateway” type that IP in browser to login router admin panel.
  • Try accessing your PLDT fiber Admin page on your phone browser.
  • Make sure your wifi is connected to the computer/phone.
  • Someone else has not already logged in the admin page, switch off your router and On it again after a min.

That’s all, This how you change your PLDT home fibr password and Wifi name. Let me know in the comment section if you got any queries.

Frequently Asked Question:

Why I should change my PLDT admin user name and password?

Keeping the default admin login details is a security risk. anyone who is in your wifi rage can easily visit your router admin page and sign in with default login details and makes certain changes in your router to get access to your computers and device.

How do I change my PLDT home fibr wifi password on Phone?

The process of changing the PLDT home fibr password is the same on computers and phones. Just open your phone browser and follow the given steps in this post to change the wifi password.

I don’t remember my PLDT Home Fibr Login details?

If the given login details don’t work, you can reset your router to the factory default setting and then use the default login details.

What is the PLDT helpline number?

PLDT customer care number is 171. If you having some network issues or need help regarding your PLDT home fiber you can dial that number for customer support help.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. Is there a way to register the device’s MAC address to ensure that only those I registered will have access to my WIFI? So that even if they know the password but their device is not registered, they won’t have access to the WIFI. I did this before with Globe. But can’t find it in PLDT Home Fiber. Would highly appreciate your response. Thanks in advance. God bless and stay safe…


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