Use These Free Tool From Windows Store to Check Internet Speed On Windows 10

This article gives information about the best wifi internet speed test tool to check your windows 10 internet speed. These tools are designed for Windows 10 users and available for free on Microsoft store.

Windows app stores offer many utilities & tools to test your network. If you having some network error or your internet is not working, You can use these tools to scan your network and troubleshoot wifi speed issues.

To get these tools from Microsoft store and to install it in Windows 10, You will require a Microsoft account and a valid Windows 10 licensed operating system on your PC/laptop or Windows 10 Phone.

These tools are useful to speed test your internet, scan your wifi local network for connected devices, and comes with few more network features.

We have personally tested this tool and checked their performance in a couple of our old machines running on Windows 10.

WiFi Explore – Speed Test & WiFi Scan App

Windows 10 Wifi Explorer app is a simple tool to benchmark your Internet speed test with just one click. You can also scan your local area network to check all the connected devices.

Windows 10
Windows 10 Internet Speed Test


  • Easy to use, Just single click to test internet speed on Windows 10
  • Several spots of a server are available to perform a net speed test for an accurate result
  • Gives fast result, It takes hardly a few seconds to complete the internet speed test
  • The test result shows your download speed, Upload speed, and ping latency
  • Ads-Free, Wifi explorer app does not contain advertisements. You won’t see any annoying banner or text ads.
  • You can see IP addresses and hostname for all the online devices in your local network
  • History section shows all history of the speed test result and network scan
  • It also supports network switch: You can switch between wifi and cable network.


Check out the screenshot of Wifi Explorer app to get the idea of its features

Windows 10 internet speed test
Windows 10
Windows 10
Windows 10

Network Speed: This section is to perform an internet speed test on your Windows 10 devices.

Device Scan: Device scan will show you a history of all the scanned devices including test date and result output.

Wifi List: The wifi list section will show you all the available wifi network in a range including network name, vendor (wifi router brand), signal strength, channel, band 2.4Ghz/5 GHz, Max Rate – wifi router max speed and security – Type of security it is using to protect wifi.

System Requirements:

To run wifi explorer app in your windows 10 devices a minimum system requirement is required. check the below table for minimum requirements and recommendations for the best user experience.

Minimum Requirements    
Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher, Xbox One
ARM, x64, x86


Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher, Xbox One
ARM, x64, x86

As you can check in the table, this app doesn’t require any special machine configuration. It works all smoothly with minimum system requirements. You can use this tool on any computer running on Windows 10 to diagnose and check the status of your internet.

App Name: Speed Test – Free Internet Speed Test Tools

windows 10 wifi internet speed test

This is another good tool developed by BluSky Software to test your internet speed. The app size is approx 26 MB and supports only the English language.

This app is designed to quickly test your internet speed on Windows 10 OS. It uses over 8000 servers around the globe to perform the speed test. However, It lacks some features we get in the Wifi Explorer app like test & scan history and details about the connected devices on your network.

You can use this app on Windows 10, Xbox, and Windows phones.


Windows 10

Bandwidth Test: To test your internet speed and get results.

windows 10 wifi speed app

What’s my IP

This section shows your internet IP address

Windows 10

My IP Location

My IP location will give you full details of your IP address like country, region, city, etc. See the image for reference.

Minimum System Requirements

Xbox One, Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher
ARM, x64, x86

This is a good tool to check the speed test. However, it lacks the features you get in the Wifi Explorer tool but I would say, it is still good app if you don’t want additional features and just want to perform a net speed test and to get basic information about your IP address.

Network Speed Test Pro – Windows 10 App

Windows 10

Network speed test pro is another good free tool just to measure your Internet speed. This is a simple Windows 10 app to test your download/upload speed and network delays. It has a beautiful stylish design to showcase test results and has over 4000 testing servers around the world for accurate test results.

System requirement: Xbox One, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher

Screenshot of Network Speed test Pro App

windows 10 free app to test internet speed
Windows 10

This tool shows the speed test results in a good looking world map. When you do the internet speed test, this will show the server location along with the country name on the map. This doesn’t offer any other features other than the internet speed test. As seen in the screenshot, the speed test meter panel is crafted nicely.

Post Summary:

The purpose of this post was to give information of free internet speed test tool for Windows 10. Please do let me know in the comment section about your thoughts on this tools. I would love to hear some of your recommendations on the Windows 10 net speed test app, please don’t hesitate to talk about your favorite speed test tool in the comment box.

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