Wifispc Free Wifi Map – How to Access

Wifi spc is a website that allows users to access free and paid Wi-Fi Hotspots all over the world. The website provides a hotspots list on Map that allows users to find free WiFi near their location.

The site was created in response to the increasing number of people who are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to access the internet. Wifispc.com makes it easy for users to find WiFi networks in their area, and it also provides information about the network, including the name of the network and the password, if applicable.

With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive map of free WiFi hotspots, It is the perfect tool for finding free wifi of cafes, hotels, pub, and open wifi.

About :

Wifispc means WiFi Space, it was started in 2006 by two friends, Amir Goldstein and Yaron Samid. They both had a background in software development and saw an opportunity to create an online WiFi map. The main idea of the service Wi-Fi Space – help each other. For example: You and your friends have visited the pub or holiday resort, where they learned the password from the Wi-Fi. You then log in Wifispc, you can specify the place and write a valid password there. Other users of the service, being in that area will be able to use these data and quickly connect to the hotspot.

At first, they bootstrapped the company with their own money. But eventually they were able to raise money from venture capitalists.

How To Access Wifi Map

You can use it via wifispc app and website. Please follow the below-given steps to access map and connect to free wifi :

  1. Open the wifispc app on phone or visit page here
  2. You will then be able to view your location on the map with a number of WiFi icons nearby.

    Green Icon – Free Wifi
    Yellow Icon – WiFi Password Access
    Red Icon – Unpassword Access (Require Password)

  3. The icon is a sign that you are within range of Wi-FI hotspots; the colors of these icons will tell you what kind of location is a free WiFi zone.
  4. If you need to log in with a personal password, the password can be provided for you by other users in the area as well(Check video below).
  5. Select the “Yellow icon – wifi password access” from the drop down list and select the type of point from list.
  6. Click on Hotspot icon on the map and it will show you Wifi name and Password details,Done!

Here is the Wifi Spc video tutorial to access WiFI map and connect

Access wifispc

What is Wifispc?

Wifispc tool is a free wifi hotspot finder for android. It has over 100 million hotspots listed in its map that are available worldwide and allows users to search for and connect to free wifi hotspots with just a few taps. 

Connect to wireless Internet for free from anywhere in the world! WiFi Map hosts the world’s largest Wi-Fi community! Wireless Internet access, passwords, and comments from WiFi Map users can be found on the page.

Free Wifi Map

Free WiFi map – search for free WiFi hotspots list of public places with free WiFi

1. A wifi map is a visual representation of the areas in a city or town that have public wifi access.

2. They are often used to help people find the nearest hotspot, or to plan out their day around where they can get free internet access.

3. Wifispc map is a website that offers a free wifi map for over 100 countries.

4. Current map Wi-Fi access point with a password that is constantly updated.

5. Quick and easy navigation through the map. Just a couple of clicks – and you can see where there is free Wi-Fi.

6. Smart search for  WiFi cafes, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, airports, fast food, cities, regions and countries.

7. Ability to add your own Wi-Fi hotspots with or without a password.

How To Find WifiSpc Near Me?

To find the free wifi near you, follow the given steps:

  1. Make sure your device location is On
  2. Click on the Free WiFi Map button given above on this page.
  3. It will redirect to list of wifi network available near you with name and password.
  4. Click on wifi and connect. Done!


Are you looking for a free and reliable wifi hotspot? Look no further! Wifispc is an online map that will help you find the nearest free wifi spot. Wi-Fi Space (wifi spc) is available in multiple countries and constantly updated with new locations, so you can be sure to find the best hotspot wherever you are. And it’s easy to use – just enter your location and It will show you a list of nearby hotspots.

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