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Wifi Hotspot: What it is? and Types of hotspot

Wifi hotspot is a way of sharing an internet connection from an internet access point like a router or mobile phone cellular data. You can connect your laptop to the internet by making a hotspot from a phone or vice versa.

Types of the hotspot:

There are different types of hotspot such as:

Public hotspot: Public hotspot are the one that you get offered in restaurants, hotels, cafe houses, shopping malls, etc. Many govt buildings, railway stations, schools, and colleges offer public hotspots. Public hotspot in some cases are open wifi (that’s mean no password required to connect) but these days, it usually comes with a login page where you have to sign in with your phone number or with login credentials.

The public hotspot is not strongly encrypted and one should avoid checking personal data like net banking, making online transactions- purchase, payment, while you are on public hotspot avoid those activities on your devices because public hotspot networks are less secured and there is a high risk of data theft. Protect yourself and devices from cybercrimes, use the public hotspot only for surfing the internet, streaming music, videos & for Insta messaging app. Before connecting to a public hotspot, make sure you have an anti-virus installed on your device.

Private hotspot: Private hotspot or tethering is a hotspot that we get in our office or home network or on the phone cellular data. A private hotspot is meant for personal uses and not available for public. It is usually password protected using the latest encryption technology WPA2.

Commercial hotspot: It is a paid service. You have to subscribe or buy data plans to connect to their hotspot. Often, the data plan offered by commercial hotspot is a lot cheaper than cellular data prices. Most of these companies have an app for their consumer that could be used to log in, check data usages, and find their hotspot zone using Map in their app. For example, Xfinity offers commercial hotspots.

How far is the hotspot wifi range?

The range of the wifi hotspot depends on the router range. For instance, If you have a wifi router with 150 Meters range then your hotspot range will be around 150 meters, obstacles such as a wall or other wifi networks, electronic devices, can affect the signal length.

In order to get a strong wifi signal strength, be close to the router or WAP.

How to enable hotspot on phone?

here is the step to enable hotspot on your phone:

  1. In your phone go to “Setting”
  2. Tap on “Network & Internet”
  3. Look for “Hotspot & tethering” and tap on it.
  4. Tap on “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot”. Type any name for “Network Name” to name your hotspot, select “WPA2” under security to secure your hotspot connection, type password and click on “save”.
  5. Now, under “hotspot & tethering” tap on “Wi-Fi hotspot” to activate it. You are done!

Make sure you secure your wi-fi hotspot with a password to prevent intruders access to your hotspot.

How much data does hotspot use?

It depends on usages and how many people are connected to that hotspot. surfing some websites that have heavy images will easily consume around 20/30 MB in 30-40 mins, depends how fast you are surfing pages. If you are streaming live or watching HD videos on youtube or Netflix in high resolution (720 p HD or 1080 HD) will consume more data than watching the same video in 480 p or lower. This data consumption will depend on pixels (images/videos).

In other words, If you listening to a song which is of 5 MB then you spent 5 Mb data to listen to that song.  Hotspot data use will depend on the use of the internet (download/upload).

Does the use of a mobile hotspot to connect the computer uses more data?

Compare to laptop/computer, mobile phone consumes fewer data. These days web pages are optimized for mobile phones so when you browse the mobile version of that website, not all features of the pages are displayed in the mobile version resulting in low bandwidth use. That is not the same case for laptops and desktop, the browser loads the web pages with all its feature coasting more data uses.

Screen size also plays a role in data consumption, bigger screen size consumes more data compared to the small screen size of a phone.

Can we create a hotspot in windows computer?

Yes, you can create a hotspot on a computer but you have to use software like Winhotspot or anything similar to make it work as it is not as easy as creating a hotspot on mobile phones.

A hotspot is connected but no internet

  1. If you have created a hotspot from a phone, check if cellular data is turned ON
  2. You will require an active internet data plan, so make sure you have a data plan and it is not already expired.
  3. Check your phone signal strength, if the signal bar is low, moves around to a place with a good signal range.
  4. Refresh your phone network by enabling Airplane mode for a few seconds.

Article Summary:

We had given complete details about wifi hotspot in this post. If you got any queries or doubts related to a wifi hotspot. Please do not hesitate to ask us using contact form or comment box.

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