What is Wi-Fi?-Explained In Simple English

What is Wi-Fi?-Explained In Simple English

Wi-Fi is an amazing technology that allows devices to connect and communicate with each other wirelessly. You can also use the internet on your computers, laptops, smartphones, etc without attaching it to cable and this is done with the help of Wi-fi.

Wi-Fi and Internet are not the same things but 2 different technology which serves the same purpose “Two or more devices Connection”. However, you can access the wireless internet through wi-fi routers or hotspots or through phone cellular data.

Wifi technology is based on magnetic radio waves it is similar technology which is used in remote control toys, drones, mobile phones, to listen to the radio, baby monitor, etc.

Computers, phones, gadgets, or any devices which are equipped with wifi adapter can communicate with other devices and connect to the internet.

Not sure, if your computer/laptop have a wifi card? No worries! In this article, we have given a method to find it out.

How Wi-fi got it name?

“Wi-Fi” is a trademark for the wifi standard “IEEE 802.11”. Wi-Fi has no real definition or meaning. However, In general, people see Wifi as wireless internet technology and if someone talks about Wifi the first things which come in our mind are the Internet.

Can I get Free Wifi

There are a number of places where you can get free wifi access, as a part of hospitality many hotels and restaurants like Macdonald, Starbucks, and many more cafes offer free wifi access.

In many countries, the government & organizations offers wifi access at various places such as like in a railway station, libraries, Bus stand. Some taxi services companies and shopping malls offer wifi hotspots to their customer.

How Do I Check/Find Wireless Card in Windows?

Almost every laptop and computers come with a wifi card. if you are not sure or just want to find your wifi card in your Windows OS, just follow the given below step.

Find your wifi card adapter in Microsoft Windows OS

Total Time: 1 minute

  1. Go to device Manager

    Right click “my computer” icon- select “Manage” – click “Device Manager
    type device manager in the search box

  2. Network Adapter

    Scroll down to “Network Adapters”

  3. Click on Adapter

    Click on Network Adapters to see list

  4. Check for wifi card

    If the wireless card is installed on your system you will see it under the Network Adapters list.

How to get a Wifi internet in Home?

There are 2 method to get a wifi connection in home. Using this method you can create a wifi enviroment in home.

First Method:

Get home wifi through an internet service provider (ISP). This is the easiest and hassle-free way to have wifi network access in-home each corner.

To make this get going, You will require an active internet plan from ISP and a wifi router or modem.

Second Method:

In the absence of wifi router you can create a wifi zone by enabling hotspot on mobile or computer.

To make this work you will need an active internet data plan on your phone or ISP line to your computer.

You can also use the Internet dongle to create a wifi zone but the wifi internet from this method is shorter in range and you will be limited to a certain area to be in wifi range. Whereas, wifi router comes with a very long-range easily covering all corners of the house.

Is Wifi secure?

Most of the wifi are secured with WAP2 encryption and requires password to connect to the network. It is usually secure with end to end encryption but since it is a technology – there are chances of getting our network compromised, especially, if we our devices are infected with virus. that why we should secure our device with up-to-date antivirus software.

Read this guide to fully secure your home wifi.


Wifi became part of the Internet and we already stopped using internet cable lines connected to our devices. In fact, Wifi internet gave us the freedom to be always connected.

Research on wifi technology is still going on to make it more and more advanced for blazing fast internet experience.

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