Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Windows and Mobile – No Internet Require

Do you know you can transfer files between windows and mobile phones without using the internet or data cable? Yes! it is possible with wifi and no internet is required. When you want to transfer data (pictures, documents, videos, etc) from phone to windows or vice versa you will either use data cable or Bluetooth.

But the data transfer rate on Bluetooth is very slow. whereas, if you have replaced your phone charging pin from a local phone repair shop then most probably your data cable won’t work for file transfer. The unauthorized phone repair shop often replaces charging pinpoint with some local brand that lacks data transfer features.

If that is the case with you, well no need to worry – You can still do files transfer between mobile and windows.

In such cases or for fast wireless file transfer, you can opt for file transfer over Wi-Fi apps which remotely allows you to transfer files between phone and computer. The process is simple and quick.

The transfer speed on Wi-Fi is almost the same as what we get with data cable and much faster than we could achieve on Bluetooth.

So, lets check how one can do wireless files transfer without internet.

Below we have given apps available on google play store to transfer files between computers and phones.

Here are the best apps to transfer file wirelessly between phone to computer:

1. AirMore: File Transfer

To transfer between PC to Phone all you got to do is to open Airmore web link on a pc web browser like chrome, firefox. Check the method below.

Some of the Features:

  • Multimedia Streaming: You can stream files on a large screen without transfer.
  • Android Screen Reflector: You can cast your phone screen on your laptop/computer big screen.
  • File Transfer: No cable is required to transfer the file, you can easily share files & data.
  • File Management: You can manage your file and folder of your phone with ease and also delete it with a click.
  • Many more.

How to connect PC to Phone in Airmore:

  1. Connect your pc and phone on the same wifi, no internet is required.
  2. Open AirMore site on your browser
  3. Click on button AirMore web to connect or click here
  4. Open the AirMore app and scan the QR Code to connect.
  5. Done! You are connected and can transfer files.

2. Transmore – File Transfer was the app name before and later it was changed to Transmore by the developer company Wondershare. It is the same company that has developed a pretty famous video editing software Filmora. Now coming back to Transmore, It works similar to AirMore. You can send share your pictures and files and transfer between phone to pc or phone to phone.

  • Transmore also supports cross-platform sharing, which means you can transfer files between Android to iOS.
  • Option to generate a file link and share it with multiple people.
  • Transfer file of any formats including images, music, videos, applications, PDF, zip, etc between phone and pc.
  • Transfer file between phone to phone

How to use Transmore (Dr.Phone) to connect PC to Phone?

  • Download and install Dr.Phone on your computer
  • Open it and choose the file you want to transfer from pc to phone
  • A security key will be generated to transfer file
  • Open Transmore app and on “Recieve” type the security key to get the file transferred.
  • Done!
  • If you want to transfer the file from phone to computer then in-app click on “Transfer” and select the file.

SideNote: AirMore and Transmore apps work on android version 4.1 or up and support browser chrome, firefox, and safari.

I personally have used these apps to transfer files between phone to PC wirelessly. My personal favorite is AirMore as the file transfer goes smooth and Transmore is not bad but the only downside I saw is that they got some in-app purchase to unlock some features.

Please let me know in the comment section, if you have used these apps to transfer files and how it was overall experienced. Also, do let me know if you know other good wireless file transfer apps.

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