TP-Link Archer C60 AC 1350 Step-by-Step Setup Guide and Quick Review

Are you thinking to buy a TP-Link Archer C60 dual-band router for your home wifi or already bought it and looking how to setup it? well, read this article to get a piece of complete information about this router and how easy it is to set up and also if it fits your Wifi internet requirement.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to configure and setup TP-Link Archer C60- model number AC1350 and also we gave a quick review of this router.

In this article, You will know :

Archer C60 Quick Review:

The TP-Link Archer C60 comes with latest MU-MIMO technology for the 2.4 GHz Band – You may have encountered slow internet when other users on your network are downloading or streaming some HD videos-this happens because they are consuming all the bandwidth speed.

This problem get solved by MU-MIMO technology. It ensures to give and distribute equal bandwidth to each and every devices connected to home network.

Archer C60 uses the latest wireless standard 802.11ac that is almost 2x-3x faster than 802.11n wifi standard giving you optimum internet performance. Please keep in mind that 802.11ac is only available on the 5 GHz band.

It also has 5 antennas – 3 × 2.4GHz and 2 × 5GHz Antennas for better coverage and signal strength.

What do you get in the Box?

  • Router
  • Power supply unit
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Manual Guide

Archer C60 features

  • It has 4 LAN Ports (10/100 Mbps)
  • 450Mbps speed on 2.4GHz band
  • 867Mbps wifi speed on 5GHz
  • Support both Protocols IPv 4 & IPv 6
  • Parental Control
  • Rule Management
  • Remote Management – You can control your router remotely
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Guest network on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz

Is it worth to buy?

TP-Link Archer C60 router gives a good wifi performance If you living in a small row house or in 4/5 rooms apartment than you don’t have to worry about the Wifi coverage. It will deliver good wifi signal strength at every wall corner and you can use 5 GHz band for better and faster internet speed. The 5Ghz range gonna be enough for your home.

Do you have 150 Mbps or Higher Internet Speed Plan? If Yes, then Archer C60 is not for you.

TP-Link Archer has a 100 Mbps WAN port that means the maximum internet speed from your ISP to router will be 100 Mbps- you can surf, stream or download at the speed of 100 Mbps max even if you have a 150 Mbps or higher internet speed plan from ISP (Internet provider).

However, Archer 60 is a good budget router packed with excellent performance and has some additional nice features as separate Guest networks, other brands don’t offer such features at this price range.

TP-Link Archer C60 is a good router choice for you if you have an internet plan of fewer than 100 Mbps. 5 GHz of Archer C60 router gives a super speed performance- this is beneficial for online gaming and to stream HD quality videos.

The setup of Archer C60 router is quite simple and easy. We have covered a step-by-step instruction to help you out with the setup.

TP Link Archer C60 Router full setup

How to setup and login TP-Link Archer C60 Router Admin panel in 10 easy step

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Connect Power Adapter and RJ-45 ISP Cable

    tp link archer setup

    Connect RJ-45 LAN cable provided by ISP into Internet Port (marked in blue)

  2. Power On Router to Start


    Switch ON router and wait, till you see the stable green light.

  3. Connect to Wifi


    On your computer or mobile- Look for TP-Link SSID (wifi name) and connect to it using password printed on router back panel.

  4. Login to Archer C60 Admin panel

    On web browser – Type or

    TP-Link Default Login Details:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin

  5. Create an Administration password

    c60 router admin login

    TP-Link will promote you to the page to create a password for the router admin panel.
    Create your new password and note it down- You will need this password to access router administration area.
    Click on Lets get Started button.

  6. Select Timezone

    tplink C60 Router setup step

    From the drop-down list select your time zone and click on the Next button.

  7. Choose your internet connection type

    TP link archer C60 Router Setup

    Here you have to set your IP type (dynamic/static IP) and click Next
    Dynamic IP -If your ISP gave you dynamic IP
    Static IP – You will require details of static IP to fill – Talk to your ISP if you don’t have your static IP details.
    Home networks usually is assigned dynamic IP unless you opted for static IP.

  8. Wireless Settings


    Here you will set SSID name and password for 2.4GHz and 5GHZ band
    For your convenience:
    – To easily identity them, mention the band in SSID name. for e.g.: mywifi2.4 and mywifi5
    – Keep the password strong and the same for both bands.
    After done, hit Next button

  9. Summary


    On summary page it will show your settings. Check it and click Save button

  10. Reconnect with new password

    TP link archer C60 setup

    After clicking on Save button you will have to reconnect wifi with your new password
    -Go to Wifi section again on your computer/phone (whichever you used for setup )
    -Look for your new SSID name and connect
    – Now click on the “Next” button on the router setup page
    – Done! Network setup successfully. is the TP-Link default routers login page and is the default router IP address – You can use any of these two for login to tp-link routers control panel.

I hope you were able to set up your tp-link Archer C60 router by following this article. Please use the comment section if you encounter any issue setting up your tp-link router. Let me know If you have any queries or questions regarding TP-link routers.

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