The Social Network Movie Review: based on Facebook Biographic & foundation

The Social Network movie is based on Facebook Biographic. Almost everyone who uses social network sites probably have an account on Facebook.

Are you interested in knowing how Mark Zuckerberg started developing Facebook & where he got the idea of developing social network site Facebook? then you should check out this movie.

The Social Network movie was released in 2010 and got an IMDB rating of 7.7. This movie shows an interesting biography and drama behind the Facebook foundation.

Director David Fincher
WritersAaron Sorkin (screenplay), Ben Mezrich (book)
CastJesse Eisenberg, Rooney Mara, Andrew Garfield, check full list

Storyline Review:

The story start with a 18-19 year old guy was on a date with his girlfriend Erica. They both had complete different perspective on things and often used to debate. The movie shows that Mark is suspicious type guy and sometimes people don’t really understand what Mark is really talking about.

Suspicious Mark says to his girlfriend that they got an entry into the club because she had a secret affair with a club bouncer. In return, Eric replies to Mark that he is just a good friend and how Mark could think that cheap of her, the debate continues for a few more second, and finally, Eric says that she is breaking up with Mark.

Before leaving the club, Erica says to mark that you may be successful and popular in the future but you will be living a whole life in myth thinking girls don’t like you – which is not true but you are a cheap guy – that’s a fact!

Marks get really mad and upset at Erica. He comes back to his Harvard university hostel and starts writing all ill about Erica on his blog and posted it on the internet. A while later, Mark’s friend comes into a room asking if he got a breakup with his girlfriend. Mark asked his friend – How he knows about it?, Mark’s friend tells him that everyone on campus knows about it through the mark’s blog.

Listening to a friend’s replies, Mark gets an idea of creating a University girls photo website where people can give a rating to girl pictures but to get all those pictures and uploaded on his website. Mark is a computer expert and it was easy for him to steal pictures from Harvard University database and upload all the pictures on his website FaceMash.

Mark site goes popular getting hundred of thousand daily visits that made the University network crash. On Investigation University staff find that it is due to Mark’s website & his illegal access to University database servers. In punishment, Mark gets a ban from attending class for 6 months.

Mark’s website Facemash keep getting popular and 2 twin brother and their business partner from the University get an idea of creating a website where people can make new friends online, upload their picture, etc and they seek Mark help to get the website done.

Mark really get impressed with their idea and agrees to work with them. Those guys question Mark if he had made any application in past and if anyone was ready to buy it? In response Mark replies that he had made Mp3 player application that Microsoft was ready to buy but he uploaded it for free.

On the same evening, Mark meets his friend Eduardo Saverin and share his idea about the Facebook website – It was the same idea twin brother had shared with Mark.

Eduardo finds the idea brilliant and they agree to invest total $1000 for site development. Mark gave 30% share offers to Eduardo.

Next scene shows that Eduardo opens a bank account in company name and deposit $1000 from his side and Mark got all busy building Facebook.

On other hand, twin brothers try to contact Mark through e-mails but Mark ignores all the e-mail from twin brothers.

As the day passes by, the popularity of Facebook keeps growing and twin brother find out that Mark cheated & steal their idea and launched his own website Facebook. Twin brothers complain about Mark to the president of Havyard University but their claim was not taken seriously by the university president and then twin brothers decide to file law suits against Mark for stealing their idea and betryal.

Check out The Social Network movie to see:

  • Role of Napster founder Sean Parker in Facebook
  • How and when Sean Parker gave suggestion to Mark to change the name from “The Facebook” to Facebook
  • What happened to Eduardo
  • Twin Brothers & Eduardo law suits out come.

Summary Review:

After founding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg became the world youngest billionaire and Facebook is the world largest social network site with more than 2 billions active users.

You should check out this movie if you are interested to know how Facebook was actually founded. This movie generated a revenue of around 250 Million dollars world wide.

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