Spirit Wifi Login – How to Login

In this article, We have covered detail login guide of Spirit WiFi connection and router login.

To connect to spirit wifi :

  • Enable Wi-Fi on your device (Laptop, Computer, Smart Device)
  • Go to WiFi access point and search for available WiFi network
    1. Choose the SSID (wifi name) provided to you by Spirit
    2. The default SSID name is Spirit Wifi-Link
  • Enter your wifi name provided by spirit and click Connect.

Once connected you should be able to surf the internet.

Router Admin Login

To protect your wireless network from unauthorized access, you need to configure its security settings and change default login details of your router admin.

Follow the below given steps to set up the wireless security settings:

The router login process is same for ASUS RT-N56U, ASUS RT-AC56U and ASUS RT-AC68U

  • Open your default browser (Firefox,Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • Type on your web browser and hit enter.
  • On the login screen, type default username: admin and password: admin and click Ok
  • You will see the user panel interface and from there you can make the required changes and settings.

MikroTik hAP AC Router Login

The hAP lite is a simple home wireless access point, which can be powered with USB power and has four Ethernet ports. You can simply plug in your internet cable and start using wireless internet. The router doesn’t come with password. We recommend Log into your router and configure a the Wireless password and router password to secure your wireless network and to secure your device, follow these steps

  • On your default browser (chrome,Safari, etc) type in address bar and hit enter
  • A login page will open
  • Type Username: Admin and leave blank for Password and hit Ok
  • You will be redirected to User Interface and from there set password for your router.


What are spirit default DNS ?

Spirit has 2 default DNS



What are my wifi login details?

The login details are provided by Spirit (“welcome to spirit” letter) . In case, You don’t have the welcome letter or forgot login credentials then you have to contact customer support to get the copy of your login details.

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