Shareit App- File transfer over Wifi – Is it Safe?

Shareit is a file transfer app and It uses wifi sharing method technology to transfer files over cross-platform and between phone and computer. It is developed by SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd and available on Google play store. More than 1.5 billion installs worldwide it was ranked amongst the top apps in 2019. Shareit had a large number of install in countries like India and other Asian regions.

How Shareit Works

Early back in 2009-2010, the Bluetooth technology was pretty new to the world, and people used to use Bluetooth to share files from phone to phone. The transfer speed of Bluetooth wasn’t impressive and it used to take hours to transfer large MB files.

This is where a Shareit came into a play, they made Shareit app on wifi direct method technology. The data transfer rate over wifi is much faster in comparison to Bluetooth. When you share files on the Shareit app it transfers your files through the Wifi internet that’s why the transfer happens fast.

Shareit claims 200 times faster transfer than Bluetooth and speeds up to 20 Mbs but this doesn’t seem to be true with the latest version.

How to use Shareit app to transfer file

Both the devices need Shareit app installed to send and receive a file, here is how you transfer file on Shareit:

  1. Install Shareit from Playstore and for Windows/iOS you can visit official site ushareit
  2. Open the app > Read & allow/deny permission > It will show your device name, keep same or type name u want to use to identify your device on other phones > Click “Enter Shareit” button
  3. You must know the ID/Username of the other phone to which you are sending a file
  4. Tap on Send and select files you want to transfer, click on the send button.
  5. Click on “Open” for Open GPS, Open WLAN, Open Bluetooth and click Next
  6. It will search the receivers and click on the username you want to send files.
  7. The receiver will get a notification and have to accept a file for transfer.

You can also connect Shareit to windows or iOS to transfer files. The transfer process phone to pc is the same as a phone to phone.

Features of Shareit App

  • File transfer: Phone to Phone and cross-platform transfer
  • Video Gallery: Contains Online videos such as on Entertainment, News, etc.
  • Video Player: It supports and plays many file format
  • Music section and Music player
  • Shareit apps support 45 languages
  • Gifs, stickers, wallpaper, etc
  • Games
  • Many more

Shareit app is getting pervaded by unwanted features with each update; like video and music player, games, stickers, wallpaper, and many more, which is really not required in a file transfer app. It is no more function the way it used to before.

Some cons are:

  • Annoying news notification
  • The app is full of ads
  • Override user setting option
  • QR code doesn’t always work
  • Connect to pc issue with the latest version
  • Transfer speed is not impressive at all, I guess you can transfer faster over Bluetooth than doing so on the latest version of Shareit.
  • Some serious issues with the app, read it on Wikipedia

Some other Apps offered by Shareit:

  1. CLONEit: An app to copy data from one phone to another.
  2. LOCKit: App locker
  3. LISTENit: Music player app to listen to music
  4. CLEANit: Optimized tool to clean junk files and boost memory and battery life.

Final Verdict:

I personally do not recommend the use of Shareit and I have uninstalled it since the app does not perform as it used to in the older version. However, there are many Shareit alternatives available on Google play store and I have also shared my personal wifi file transfer app in this post. You can check out and let me know if you liked it.

Please do let me know in the comment section of your experience with the Shareit app. Thank you!

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