Railwire Wifi Login: Step by Step Guide to Connect

This tutorial explains how you can connect to Railwire station wifi. Check below for step-by-step process.

Railwire wifi login is a free wifi service available at more than 4000 railway stations across India. It is also known as Google rail wifi as the free wifi at railway station service was offered by Google and its technology partners.

Railwire connection is ultra speed and you can get surfing speed up to 20-25 Mbps, at least that what I had experienced with Google Railwire wifi. This speed is much faster than we get on 4G, the average speed I have seen on Reliance Jio 4G network is between 1.5 Mbps to 2 Mbps. The Railwire wifi is 10x faster than any 4G network in India.

Follow the given instruction below to login/connect Railwire wifi:

  1.  Enable your phone Wifi by tapping on the wifi icon
  2. Your wifi will auto-connect to Railwire, if it doesn’t – Go to wifi setting – select ‘Railwire’ – connect
  3. Once it gets connected to railwire – tap on wifi icon to open the sign-in page (some smartphone doesn’t support this feature, if that is the case, check next step)
  4. If you don’t see a sign-in page, Open your phone browser and visit any website (google.com, microsoft.com,yahoo.com, etc) – This will redirect you to Railwire login page.
  5. Type your phone number to get OTP
  6. Type the given OTP and click “Connect”
  7. Done! You are connected- Now enjoy the fast internet speed for 30 mins.

You can add an additional 30 min to your fast internet speed duration by watching a 20-second advertisement. so, you get a 1-hour railwire fast internet speed browsing duration.

Connect Railwire to Your Laptop

If you are at the railway station waiting for your friend or train or just want to connect your laptop to Railwire wifi for any reason then try this method.

Here is how you connect your laptop to Railwire wifi:

The method to connect a laptop with Railwire wifi is similar to- how we connect a phone to Railwire wifi

All you need a phone to generate OTP (One time Password) for login.

  1. Connect your laptop wifi to Railwire
  2. After connection established – open your default browser (Firefox, chrome, safari)
  3. Type any website and hit enter
  4. You will see Railwire sign-in page
  5. Fill your phone number to generate OTP
  6. Type OTP you received on your phone and click on Connect button
  7. You are connected!

The phone number is only required to generate OTP for login. This way you can connect your laptop, tablet, or any other device to Railwire wifi.

Frequently Asked Question

I opened a website on the browser but it didn’t redirect me to the Railwire wifi login page?

Happens, If a certain website doesn’t redirect you to the Railwire wifi login page, try visiting any other major site or a search engine such as google.com or yandex.com, tagged.com, etc and it will work.

Does Railwire will consume my 4G data or cost me money?

No! Railwire is free wifi internet, It is just like any other wifi connection. You won’t be charged for data consumption or the use of Railwire wifi.

What is the data limit on Railwire wifi?

The data transfer is uncapped and you get 30 min of fast speed surf time. There is no data limit restriction on surfing or downloading.

Will I get disconnected by Railwire after 30 min?

No, you can add an additional 30 min by watching an ad and this is limited to only one time per day. After your fast internet speed duration is over, you will be still connected and can surf the web at a capped speed around 1 Mbps.

How does Railwire make revenue?

Railwire runs muted video banner ads on login page. It is monetized by banner advertisements.

Can I update my apps from Playstore using Railwire Wifi?

Yes, Railwire has no such restriction. indeed, it is one good idea to update apps over wifi at a much faster speed than we could get on the 4G network. It also helps in saving your phone internet data consumption.

For more information about Railwire, check the official website.

that’s all! I hope this article solved your Railwire connection issue. If you got any sign-in problem or queries on Railwire wifi, please do let me know in the comment section.

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    • Mohan..we are no way associated with railwire wifi/railtel. This post is guide to use railwire free wifi at railway station. If you have enrolled for railwire broadband then please contact their customer support to resolve issue/refund.

  1. I purchase a railway plan after my free 30 min plan got over. I paid through UPI but after payment , the webpage got timeout and shows webpage not available. I didn’t get my id and passward. I also try forgot email id option but it shows no registration with this id.
    If anyone having solution for this kindly msg plz.

  2. OTP SERVICE IS NOT WORKING FROM AO MANY I BELEIVE, AS I TRIED DOING ON VERY DIFFERENT STATIONS IT DID NOT SENT A OTP, I suggest to plz continue the service as it is good initiative from Railways

    Thank you.

    • It could be due to your cellular provider blocking(filtering as spam) railwire OTP. try with different number,check if it works.


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