Netgear Official Apps List to Manage Your Router Network

The purpose of this article is to give detailed information about the Netgear official apps list. These apps are available for free on Google Playstore. You can install these apps on your Android phone or tablets to easily manage your Netgear wifi router.

If you simply search for Netgear apps on Playstore, the search result will show you many unofficial apps and some of those apps even have mentioned ‘Netgear’ under app title and description.

Well, nothing really wrong using those apps as they are designed to manage our wifi router admin panel but the things are such apps are buggy, most of it just won’t work and often comes with annoying ads such as full screen ads, 20 secs video ads, pop up ads etc that gets displayed in every next minute while navigating. Many of them are designed more for generating revenue from ads than troubleshooting the network issues.

Official apps from the brand maker are more secure and reliable. They know about their products more than 3rd party and their apps are designed only for their products. additionally, they do not contain any ads or in-app purchases to use some features.

Below is Netgear’s official apps list to manage your wifi router, the given list is of Android version of the apps from the Google Playstore. It is also available in the apple store.


netgear orbi app

Orbi app is developed to manage and configure your Orbi wifi router. You can manage any Orbi series routers using this app. This app helps you to manage your network super easy by just using your phone/tablet.

Features Highlights:

  • Armor Security – This is advanced cybersecurity to protect your network from online threats, Its keep your devices secure on the internet.
  • Parental Controls – A smart parental controls feature for parents. This feature allows you to control your kid’s online activity by blocking certain sites/apps on the network for their devices. You can also limit online time and it disconnects your kid devices from the network as per your setting.
  • Remote Management – You can monitor & manage your router remotely from anywhere. All you need is the internet and this app on the phone.
  • Guest WiFi – manage a separate wifi network for your guest login.
  • Speed Test – To test your internet download/upload speed.
  • Traffic Meter – check and monitor data usage on your internet
  • Monitor & control all connected devices
  • Mesh Network Map
  • Voice control
  • Wifi settings
  • Easily update your router firmware

Additional Info of Orbi App:

App size: 84 MB

Required Android version: 4.2 and above
Official website:

NETGEAR Insight App

Netgear Insight App

Netgear Insight app is a user-friendly app to manage multiple networks from one place. It has features to scan networks, setup, admin settings, monitor, multiple-device configuration, and many more. Please note it doesn’t support some of Netgear extension and routers.

List of un-supported Netgear series:

  • Netgear EXT 8000
  • Router C6220
  • Nighthawk XR700 model
  • GS308E
  • Nighthawk X10 model
  • ReadyNAS 102 model

Some users also had reported the app crash issue that was fixed in version 5.6.5. The current version is more stable and works well. You won’t face any error while managing your router through this app.

In case, you encounter some issues or errors in the app, you can write about it to their support e-mail:

App Information:

Size: 68 MB

App Version: 5.9.5

Required Android version: 4.3 and above

ReadyCloud App by Netgear

ReadyCloud App

ReadyCloud app is used to connect to the ReadNAS – a service for cloud storage and you can access your file, stream your video & Mp3 files from any location as long as you are connected to the internet.

Readycloud can easily backup your pictures and documents from your phone/devices to the ReadyNAS. Your data is encrypted during transfer and it offers around 10 different security settings to secure data.

Readycloud is a free service by Netgear and supports ReadyNas desktop & ReadyNAS Rackmount. The App contains no ads and a must-have app for people that use ReadyNAS to cloud storage their documents.

App Information:

Required Android version: 5.0 and above

App size: 19 MB


Use these apps to manage your Netgear products. please be advised, that some of the Netgear products and models are not compatible with some of these apps. It is ideal if you install and test these apps on the phone that is using the latest android version. Please do let me know in the comment box about your favorite app offered by Netgear and if you use any app to manage your router.

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