List of Comical Wifi Quotes And Wifi Name That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Are you looking for quotes for wifi? well, Your search end here! In this article, We have covered all-time best and comical (funny) quotes. These Wifi quotes for sure gonna leave you with a good laugh but we urge you that you don’t keep it all for yourself but also share these wifi quotes with your family & friends through your social media account.

We have not just covered funny wifi quotes images but also some funny wifi names that you can keep for wifi. Check out below!

wifi quotes
wifi quotes
wifi quotes
wifi quotes

I bet, if you share below given wifi quotes on your social media. It sure gonna make your friends to smile and comments. Doubt it? give a try!

wifi quotes
wifi quotes
wifi quotes
wifi quotes
wifi quotes
wifi quotes
Use this quotes when you have poor wifi signal.

This wifi quote is a good one to share with friends, especially when your Wifi signal is unstable.

Funny wifi names (SSID) list

Many of us are jolly in nature and are fond of keeping funny wifi name. I personally think it is one good way to put smile on people that comes into our wifi range.

Here are list of funny wifi name that you can use:

  • Dontaskforpassword
  • Purge
  • 911
  • My own heck wifi
  • Join other wifi
  • Buy a phone data
  • Don’t look at my network
  • I am dating your ex
  • No free internet for you
  • Let me trace you
  • Connecting
  • Quit stealing my wifi
  • I ate your apple
  • Two men, one router
  • The woman has gone wireless
  • Wifi cost $
  • Connect to give access to your phone
  • This wifi dedicated to grandmas
  • Passphrase is passphrase
  • Zombies ate my wifi
  • CIA Surveillance Car- HRB386
  • Infected Router
  • Unsafe to connect
  • Hide your kids hide your wifi
  • Dad use this wifi

Do you use funny wifi name? Let us know in comment box.

In today’s world, we can’t think of a life without the internet. Now, the Internet is not just a way to get some information on things, it has grown beyond that, From entertainment to national security, we all rely on the internet.

These days, there are people who are more comfortable living in virtual life on the Internet. These people keep a distance from social engagement in real. Anyways, most of us, especially living in cities can’t think of a day without the internet. We know the feelings we get when our internet is not working, So, here are some funny quotes about the internet to lighten your mood. You can share these quotes with friends to give them an idea about how you felt when you had a hard time with your Internet.

Here are some funny images of internet quotes and saying:

funny internet saying
funny internet quotes
Admit it, we all have came across people doing weird post or sharing some selfie pose that made us to laugh.
wifi quotes
Keep safe distance from keyword warriors.
wifi quotes
wifi quotes
wifi quotes
We know the pain of slow internet
wifi quotes
so true, isnt it? lol
wifi quotes
To be honest, this happened with me few times.
wifi quotes
aah! this is what everyone would like to have, the ability over the internet.

Final Words:

The purpose of this post is to share funny wifi and internet quotes/saying. These quotes show that some people really got a good sense of humor. Feel free to post these quotes on your Facebook wall or on twitter tweets.

Please use the comment section to share your funny wifi quotes and name with us.

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