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Wifi Speed Test – Find Your Internet Connection Speed (Manual Method too)

The  Wifi Internet speed test is performed to check your connection speed offered by ISP.

We have implemented a net speed test tool provided by Okla to test your internet speed quickly. Simply just click on the “Go” button to test your internet wifi speed.
Is your Internet acting up? Connection time out on browser or site loading very slow? Well, If you are struggling on the internet to watch stream videos, music, or video player is buffering on Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc; this could be possibly due to poor wifi internet speed.

In this post, we have also covered how you can manually check your internet speed.

Side Note: Before performing the internet speed test, please make sure you or anyone else on the network is not surfing the web or downloading stuff from the internet as that will affect your internet speed test result.

Test result output:

Ping: Ping is the time status (in millisecond) it takes to send and receive packets from your device to the test server.

Download: It shows how fast you can download data per second.

Upload: Upload speed shows how fast you could upload data to the internet.

Jitter: Jitter shows the fluctuation of ping in a millisecond. If jitter value in a test result is higher that means there is some problem in the internet connection line.

How to check internet speed- Calculate Manually

You can calculate your internet download and upload speed by following this instructions:

To find the download speed:

Multiply internet speed with 1024 and then divide it by 8

For example:

If you have a 10 Mbps internet speed connection.

10 Mbps x 1024 /8 = your download speed

Maths Example: 10 x 1024 = 10,240 => 10240/8 => 1280 Kbps is your download speed.

So, with 10 Mbps internet connection, the download speed will be around 1280 Kb per second. You won’t get the exact same speed as per calculations but close around to it because during data transfer some packet gets lost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Wifi has about 700Mbps but my ethernet is 2 Mbps.

Your wifi speed of 700 Mbps is the data transfer speed between your router and connected devices. It is not the internet speed of your ISP. The ethernet speed of 2 Mbps is your internet speed.

Wifi Router speed plays an important role when you connect devices and exchange files over wifi with no internet.

You can check out this guide to transfer a file over wifi.

What’s a good internet download speed?

It depends on your purpose of internet use and how many people are connected or using the internet often at the same time. usually, 5-10 Mbps internet speed per person is enough, such speed is sufficient to stream video online without buffering. However, if you or several people on your network streaming some 4K or HD videos or watching internet Tv you will require some higher internet plan 30-50 Mbps.

Why do I get different download speeds on every other site?

Your download speed just doesn’t depend on your internet speed but it also depends on where you are downloading. Some websites have a download speed capped and you cannot download at more speed rate than allotted by the server or other possible reason could be busy, too many people are downloading simultaneously from the same server you are downloading.

For instance, let’s say that your download speed is 8 Mbps and you are downloading some files from a website that has 2Mbps maximum download speed. In that case, you will download a file at a max speed of 2 Mbps from that website.

How do I check my Centurylink internet speed?

Centurylink has its own speed test page which you can use to test your internet speed. Here is the link to visit the Centurylink net speed test. You can also run multiple tests on different speed test sites to check your speed.

  • If you are using spectrum internet you can perform a speed test on a spectrum speed test page, click here

Which Broadband internet speed test I can perform with your net speed test?

You can perform your internet speed test on this page, no matter which broadband internet you are using, like:

  • Atlantic broadband speed test
  • dodo NBN speed test
  • google fiber speed test
  • Starhub speed test
  • Xfinity speed test
  • att fiber speed test
  • Comcast speed check
  • And many more.

On this page, you can test your wifi and broadband internet speed and get accurate speed results.

what is a good internet speed for home

Anywhere between 20-50 Mbs is more than enough for home internet speed. We usually use home internet to chit chat on instant messenger app, video calling, watching videos, and checking e-mail and social media accounts.

If you are an Online gamer or share your home internet with other power users (one who does heavy data use) then you will require more internet speed in the rage of 70-100 Mbps for smooth internet experience.


I hope you find this internet speed test page helpful and was able to perform a net speed test. please leave a comment below with your suggestions and queries.