Fix Hotel Wifi Login Page Not Showing

Hotel wifi login page not showing or hotel wifi not redirecting to login page ? No worries, below is the troubleshooting method to fix hotel wifi login page. Just follow the given steps to solve login page issue.

Below are some more solutions to fix hotel wifi page errors.

WiFi Login Page Not Showing Up? Here’s How to Fix It

Restart the device. Restart the router if you can (or ask somebody to do it). Another cause for the WiFi login page not showing up could be your VPN. If you are using a VPN, you should know that WiFi login pages or captive portals redirect you to a webpage so you can log in or accept the terms and conditions of usage.

Can’t connect to Hotel wifi – sign in page doesn’t appear

Click the Connection: (name of the wifi router. This will bring up the wi-fi status. Click Details, and look for the IPv4 Default Gateway. This will look something like: Copy that number and type it into your browser. This will typically take you to or redirect you to the wifi‘s terms and conditions page.

How to force a public Wi-Fi network login page to open

How to force a public Wi-Fi network login page to open · 1. Turn off alternative 3rd party DNS servers · 2. Try to open the router’s default page · 3. Open a non- …

Can’t Connect to Hotel WiFi? Here’s How to Go Past that Login Page

Four Steps to Solve the “Can’t Connect to Hotel WiFi” Issue. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Hotel WiFi Login Issue: Internet Log-in Page Won’t Load.

Hotel wifi login

When this happens sometimes, what I do is put phone on airplane mode, then turn wifi on. If you still don’t get login page at this time, try ip This should take you to the login page…

Can’t Log into Hotel Wi-Fi? Use This App to Fix Android’s Captive …

Instead, you’ll see a login screen every time you try to load a page in your browser. If you’re having issues seeing or tapping the login or connect button on the captive portal, open the WiFi Portal Opener app. It’s really just a browser that loads the captive portal login screen. But unlike the built-in browser on your phone, you shouldn’t have any issues signing in with the login info provided to you …

Connected To Hotel Wi-Fi but No Login Page – How to fix

Step 1: restart the pc · Step 2: use a different browser · Step 3: Disable pop up blockers · Step 4: reset the router · Step 5: Access the router’s default page …

How to Solve WiFi HotSpot Login Page Loading Error on iPhone

As usual, first open iPhone > Settings > Wi-Fi > Select Open Wi-Fi, tap on Wi-Fi to select the Wi-Fi to connect. Now your iPhone will connect to …

How do I connect my Android to hotel wifi?

  1. Click on the wifi ssid
  2. Forget connection
  3. Re connect
  4. Open Chrome (no splash screen to enter password.)
  5. Push the forward navigation arrow.
  6. Splash screen appears, enter your password and other info needed by hotel

Connect to Wi-Fi networks on your Android device

Turn on & connect

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet and then Internet.
  3. Tap a listed network. Networks that require a password have a Lock Hotel wifi login.

After you connect, the network is “Saved.” When your phone is near and Wi-Fi is on, your phone automatically connects to this network.

Follow these Steps to force Hotel wifi redirect to login page :

  • On Phone tap on WiFi icon.
  • Choose your hotel WiFi from the available network list.
  • Connect to hotel network.
  • Open your browser (Firefox,Chrome,Safari).
  • Type any website name and visit, such as, and it should open/redirect to WiFi login page.
  • *Note: If visited site doesn’t redirect you then try to visit some other popular site or social media.

Some budget Hotels do not have Wifi login page and in such cases you have to talk to staff to get a password.

The above given links are solutions to fix hotel wifi login page. If you got any queries or issue to login hotel wifi page then please do let us know in comment section.

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