Global broadband speed test is a free tool by ookla to check your current upload and download internet speed. Measure your broadband speed just by pressing the above “GO” button and get the test result in seconds. It gives you unbiased result and estimate your internet speed.

A global broadband speed test is a great way to see how well your internet connection is performing. The test measures the download and upload speeds of your connection from a server located all around the world. This can help you determine if you need to upgrade your service or if you are getting the most out of your current plan.

There are several different global broadband speed tests available online. One popular option is This test measures both download and upload speeds, as well as ping times and jitter. It also provides information on the location of the server used in the test.

Another popular option is Ookla’s Speedtest. This test also measures download and upload speeds, as well as latency and packet loss. It also includes a map that shows where each test was taken.

Follow these steps for better result:

  1. Check from the device you want to use
  2. Make sure you have strong WiFi or Ethernet connection
  3. Stop all current download/upload and file sharing on your network
  4. Close other browser tabs
  5. Close all streaming services like video/music and applications

Global Speed Test Result

Upload SpeedTypical Use
1 MbpsEnough speed to send e-mails with picture and docks attachments
2 MbpsVideo chat & webcam streaming is possible
5 MbpsUploading 200-300 MB video on Youtube and similar platforms should take around 5-7 minutes.
10 MbpsHD webcam streaming is possible without lagging.
Above 15 MbpsOnline gaming with High quality webcam streaming is possible.
Download SpeedTypical Use
0.5 Mbpssufficient enough for audio streaming, e-mails and web surfing.
1 MbpsLow quality (up to 420 pixels) video streaming should work.
2 MbpsStandard video from Youtube and iPlayer works fine.
5-6 MbpsHD video (1080p) streaming should works.
8-14 MbpsEnough speed to support video streaming and other browsing activities at the same time without buffering.
15-25 MbpsConnection will support a video streaming on few devices and browsing activity at the same time.
25 -40 MbpsShould be able to to stream Ultra HD 4K video smoothly.
40 Mbps or MoreShould be able to stream live 4k smoothly or watch OTT platforms videos on couple of devices without buffering.

Ping :

Ping is one of the most important aspects of internet speed. Ping is the time it takes for a packet of data to go from one point to another and back again. This test is important for online game players, because they need low ping times to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Ping can also be important for people who are working online or streaming videos, because a high ping can cause those activities to lag or buffer.

Upload Speed:

When you are testing your internet speed, one of the things you may be curious about is your upload speed. This is the speed at which you send data to the internet. Upload speed is usually slower than download speed, but it is still important for activities like online gaming and video chatting.

Download Speed:

When you run a speed test, you want to get an accurate reading of your download speed. This is the speed at which data is transferred from the Internet to your computer. A high download speed is important for streaming movies and music, playing online games, and downloading files. If your download speed is slow, you may experience buffering or lagging when trying to use these applications.


What is Global Broadband Speed Test?

Global broadband speed test is light-weight online speed checker that estimate your internet upload and download speed in few seconds and doesn’t favor one ISP (Internet Service Provider) over the other. You get almost accurate and real status of your internet speed.

How do you measure Global Broadband Speed?

This speed test tool by ookla is easy to use. Many other sites provide wifi speed test service but are majorly provided by the ISPs. However, the ISP’s speed test may be unreliable and could possibly be biased. Hence a consumer needs a third party service that does not favor the Internet service provider and gives out correct broadband speed. Therefore you can use this tool to get non-manipulated results for global broadband speed test.

What Factors Affect Global Broadband Speed Test?

Multiple factors are involved, which affects your internet connection speed, including connected devices and data streaming. A few of the physical factors are extreme weather, exposed copper wires, nearby heavy transmission cables, broken or weak LAN wire or weak wireless LAN signals.

How to Check Global Broadband Internet Speed?

To test Global broadband speed, head over to the top of this page and click the “Go” button to start testing your speed. The process takes a couple of seconds to measure download and upload speed and shows a complete report. You can perform as many speed tests as you want with many hosts. There is no limit on how fast is your Internet connection. The global broadband speed test is free to use.

Can I select a host for Global Broadband Speed Test?

Yes, Host are automatically assigned if user do not select it. If you want to manually select a host, just click on down arrow and select the host to perform speed test.

How to get the most out of speed test?

Do the following things for accurate speed results:

  1. Perform a test at different times of the day and compare results
  2. Test from other connected devices
  3. Connect to your router with a cable

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for later testing your global broadband speed on other hours of the daytime.

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