Amazing List of Wifi Names To Freak Out Neighbors

Try this wifi names to freak out neighbors, especially; if you are tired of them trying to get on your network or simply want to freak out neighbors for one or another reasons. Nowadays many internet users are keeping freaky wifi names that is more fun to read. Wifi name can also act as your …

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setting up broadband rented flat

Setup broadband in rented flat in India- Is it easy?

Looking to setup broadband in a rented flat and are you wondering if you require any special permission from the flat owner or building society? Broadband is booming sector in India and it is no more same like 10 years ago where you had to struggle to find the providers. Nowadays; be it major cities …

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Right Way to Choose the Home broadband Plan and Provider

This post will help you out to find the right way to choose your home broadband plan. No matters in what country you live or at which place you looking for broadband, this article covers some important aspect and points you should consider while subscribing for new home broadband plan. Internet are playing important role …

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Review of a Movie that Shows Negative Impact of Mobile Tower on Birds

We all know about cellular phone towers radiation and its bad impact on us. In fact, there are some government laws for the installation of cell phone towers in almost every countries. The cellular phone tower radiation not only impact human but also to birds. This post is a review of a Bollywood sci-fi robotic …

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The social network movie review

The Social Network Movie Review: based on Facebook Biographic & foundation

The Social Network movie is based on Facebook Biographic. Almost everyone who uses social network sites probably have an account on Facebook. Are you interested in knowing how Mark Zuckerberg started developing Facebook & where he got the idea of developing social network site Facebook? then you should check out this movie. The Social Network …

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